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The aim of the Programme is to prepare executives of the health sector, through the acquisition of specialised knowledge and management skills, for the staffing of healthcare units both in public and private sectors, as well as in central and non-central Healthcare.


The programme offers the possibility to acquire knowledge and skills in matters of organisation and management of health services.

Equips its graduates with the appropriate tools, methods and management skills in the health field.

Forms attitudes and perceptions regarding the importance of the appropriate culture that the scientific and professional perspective of health professionals requires.

The programme is addressed to:

  • Those who are already working or interested in working in the field of health services and aim to gain specialised knowledge and skills in the field of management and administration.
  • Those who aim to develop themselves professionally and operate efficiently and effectively in health units - public and private.

European Credit Units (ECTS): 120

Teaching Language: Greek

Level of Studies: Postgraduate

Title to be Awarded: Magister Artium (MA)



The minimum requirement for admission to a postgraduate programme is an undergraduate degree from an accredited university. It is desirable that students have some knowledge of the English language since some parts of the Programme's educational material is in English.


The total cost of the fees for this postgraduate programme is 5,400 Euro. 

The tuition fees per module are 675 Euro. The cost for the Master Thesis is also 1,350 Euro.

The Council of the Open University of Cyprus has decided the following:

5% discount on the aforementioned will be offered to all students, which will reimburse in full the relevant cost of the modules to be attended during the academic year, by the deadline of the advanced payment.


Applications can be submitted exclusively online, via the OUC website at


The Programme is structured in eight (8) semester modules, out of which five (5) are compulsory and three (3) may be selected between five (5) elective modules and the Master Thesis, which is optional and corresponds to two Modules.

The first year consists of 4 compulsory modules, which are selected in pairs. The first pair consists of the modules DMY501A, Principles of Management and Health Services Administration and DMY501B, Quantitative Methods for Health Services Managers and the second pair is made up of the modules DMY502A, Health Economics and DMY502B, Research Methods in Health Services.

The fifth compulsory Module DMY603, Financial Management in Health Services is taught in the second year.

Upon successful completion of the compulsory Modules, the student has the right to register for the Master Thesis which he/ she must complete within twelve months after having successfully finished the rest of the Modules.

During the Master Thesis, no assignments are to be handed in and there is no teaching load. In the other Modules, students are required to prepare two papers per Module and, in this way, establish a right to participate in the final exams if they collect half of the required score.

DMY501A, Principles of Management and Health Services Administration, 15 ects             

DMY501B, Quantitative Methods for Health Services Managers, 15 ects               

DMY502A, Health Economics, 15 ects        

DMY502B, Research Methods in Health Services, 15 ects 

DMY603A, Financial Management in Health Services, 15 ects         

DMY604B, Economic Evaluation of Health Programs, 15 ects          

DMY605A, Quality Health Services, 15 ects             

DMY606B, Public Health and Health Promotion, 15 ects    

DMY607A, Sociology of Health, 15 ects     

DMY608B, Marketing in Health Services, 15 ects  

DMY701A, Master Thesis I, 15 ects             

DMY701B, Master Thesis II, 15 ects 


Academic Personnel

Elpidoforos Soteriades, Associate Professor, Academic

Michael Talias, Associate Professor, DMY502A, Module Coordinator,, 0035722411954


Adjunct Faculty (Tutors) - Fall Semester

Name E-mail Modules  Coordinator
Georgios Tsiotras  DMY501A Module coordinator   
Nikolaos Kontodimopoulos        DMY502A           
Christos Grose  DMY603A Module coordinator
Marianna Charalambous  DMY605A Module coordinator

For additional information, please contact Ms. Maria Ioannidou, 00357-22411950