Τρι, Ιουλ
on Visual Anticipation
and Futures Literacy
towards Visual Literacy


Break free from the box and unlock a world of endless possibilities.

In an ever changing, challenging and uncertain world is essential to find and master our own voice.

Joined, cross-disciplinary research projects that apply Visual Literacy tools and methodology, internships, Ph.D. research, interactive and experiential workshops, specialized courses and lectures provide opportunities to forge our own path, and ascertain personal empowerment and professional innovative growth.

Visual and Futures Literacy methodology and tools provide a compass to navigate through the dominant and disorienting narratives that overwhelm our daily lives. They help us discover why we think the way we do and, most importantly, how we can reframe our thinking.

Simply put, involving with Visual Literacy is learning to think outside the box or without a box, whatsoever. Even more importantly, it is about discovering HOW and WHY we came inside the box in the first place. Who or what drew the box’s frame that confines us.

How can you be involved?

As a researcher and expert in cultural policy, heritage studies, communication, media, sociology, politics, marketing, environment, gender studies, to mention only a few fields, you will have the opportunity to join the VL workshops and run joined research projects that bring an innovative approach and added value to your work, your students and institution.

As a student, you will have the guidance and opportunity to delve into Visual Literacy & Futures Literacy concepts, framework and methodology, and develop visual literacy skills and tools that apply to a wide range of professional fields.

As an active citizen of an open and transformative society, you will train yourself to recognise the stories behind the stories of visual narratives. You will challenge your potential fashioning your own voice and choices. Empowered individuals create empowered communities and work towards prosperous societies.