Κυρ, Απρ
on Visual Anticipation
and Futures Literacy
towards Visual Literacy

Futures and Visual Literacy at the MA Programme “Cultural Policy and Development”

Culture holds an immense potential to renew policymaking and contribute to social, economic and environmental prosperity, as it provides a transformative dynamic that could ensure sustainability. Concomitantly, sustainable strategies and policies deal effectively with the multifaceted issues concerning culture and cultural heritage. Flexible thinking, inclusive interaction, cultivation of anti-fragility, innovation, adaptability and openness towards the new are some important qualifications for current and future managers and, generally, for those involved in the cultural sector.

The MA program “Cultural Policy and Development” has integrated concepts and practices of Futures Literacy and Visual Literacy in the context of its modules. These practices respond to the need for a continuous enrichment of the students’ skills, in order for them to:

  1. become more effective and capable in dealing with emerging issues in the field of cultural management;
  2. contribute creatively to sustainable development and the challenges of the 21st century;
  3. effectively link sustainable development with Cultural Management.

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