Τρι, Ιουλ

MBA513: Strategy and Leadership

  • Κωδικός / Course Code: MBA513
  • ECTS: 10
  • Τρόποι Αξιολόγησης / Assessment:

    2 assignments (40%), interactive activities (10%), final exam (50%)

  • Διάρκεια Φοίτησης/ Length of Study: Εξαμηνιαία (χειμερινό) / Semi-annual (fall)
  • Κόστος/ Tuition Fees: 650 euro
  • Επίπεδο Σπουδών/ Level: Μεταπτυχιακό/ Postgraduate

The aim of this module is to become familiar with issues of selection, implementation, management, strategy evaluation as well as interpretation of leadership behaviour in making strategic decisions within the EU and across the globe. Specifically, this thematic module focuses on:

  • In the formulation of strategic thinking and the planning of the processes of formation of mission and vision by the leaders.
  • The crucial role and responsibility in the selection, implementation, management and evaluation of strategy of leaders throughout the organisation.
  • The ways in which the leader manages and implements strategic development processes in an organisation.
  • The importance of ethical dilemmas and dimensions of strategic leadership in human resource management.
  • In the business dimension of strategic leadership in the context of the new world of administration and the media revolution.

This module takes a holistic and pragmatic approach to Strategy and Leadership, incorporating business applications, real world examples, and practice-based features and exercises that enable students to further enhance their personal and professional development.