Δευ, Ιουν

COS524: Natural Language Processing (CS, Perception)

Κωδικός / Course Code: COS524
ECTS: 10
Τρόποι Αξιολόγησης / Assessment:


Διάρκεια Φοίτησης/ Length of Study: Εξαμηνιαία (εαρινό)/ Semi-annual (spring)
Κόστος/ Tuition Fees: 450 euro
Επίπεδο Σπουδών/ Level: Μεταπτυχιακό/ Postgraduate
The course presents basic notions from natural language processing, and uses existing tools to demonstrate how structured information can be extracted from natural language text, and how learning and reasoning can be applied on it. The course will present linguistic and statistical approaches for the different aspects of syntax, semantics and pragmatics of natural language. Algorithms and modern systems that address computational these issues will be studied. The distributional semantics approach to computational linguistics and its relevance to cognition will be presented. The link of natural language processing to the cognitive process of narrative text comprehension will be examined.