Τρι, Ιουλ

COS523: Human Perception and Attention (CP, Perception)

  • Κωδικός / Course Code: COS523
  • ECTS: 10
  • Τρόποι Αξιολόγησης / Assessment: Interactive activities (24%), Project (26%), Final exam (50%)
  • Διάρκεια Φοίτησης/ Length of Study: Εξαμηνιαία (εαρινό)/ Semi-annual (spring)
  • Κόστος/ Tuition Fees: 450 euro
  • Επίπεδο Σπουδών/ Level: Μεταπτυχιακό/ Postgraduate
  • Αναλυτική πληροφόρηση: COS523_11.2023.pdf

This course follows-up earlier courses in the Program to provide an in-depth analysis of the cognitive mechanisms of perception and attention. Through the coursework students will learn about different aspects of perception (e.g., perceptual organization, pattern recognition, depth perception) and the various functions and forms of attention (e.g., selective attention, divided attention, sustained attention, visual search). The course will also discuss the neural underpinnings of the two mechanisms as well as various attentional/perceptual disorders and syndromes (e.g., ADHD, visual neglect, different forms of visual agnosia). The importance of attention/perception research for various applications of computer science, engineering, and robotics will be highlighted throughout the course.