Τρι, Μάι



Τίτλος Ερευνητικού Έργου Πρόγραμμα Χρηματοδότησης Διάρκεια
Λοΐζος Μιχαήλ, Αναπληρωτής Καθηγητής         RISE: Research Center on Innovative Media, Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies Horizon2020 ‐ Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation. Teaming Phase 2 2017‐2024
Γιάννης Βογιατζάκης, Καθηγητής  GYPWorld : A Global Initiative to Understand Gypsum Ecosystem Ecology Horizon2020-Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange 2018-2022
Λοΐζος Μιχαήλ, Αναπληρωτής Καθηγητής  WeNET : The Internet of Us  Horizon2020 – Future Emerging Technologies (FET) Proactive  2019-2022
Σταύρος Σταύρου, Καθηγητής RF-META: Advanced RF Electronics Centre for Adaptive Metamaterials Κέντρο Προηγμένων RF Ηλεκτρονικών για Προσαρμοστικά Μεταϋλικά Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation - Restart 2016-2020 – New Strategic Infrastructure Units – New Scientists  2019-2023
Αντώνης Ζορπάς, Αναπληρωτής Καθηγητής 

PULCHRA: Science in the City: Building Participatory Urban Learning Community Hubs through Research and Activation

Horizon2020 – Science with and for Society  2019-2022
Σταύρος Σταύρου, Καθηγητής Foresight:  Advanced cyber-security simulation platform for preparedness training in Aviation, Naval and Power-grid environments Horizon2020 – Security 2019-2023
Γιάννης Βογιατζάκης, Καθηγητής  PeRIAMAR: PEsticide RIsk AssessMent for Amphibians and Reptiles  Cost Programme 2019-2023
Γιάννης Βογιατζάκης, Καθηγητής 

Life IP Physis: Managing the Natura 2000 Network in Cyprus and Shaping a Sustainable Future

LiFe+ Integrated Projects   2019-2029
Λοΐζος Μιχαήλ, Αναπληρωτής Καθηγητής 

MARI-Sense: Maritime Cognitive Decision Support System

RESTART 2016-2020 [Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation] – INTEGRATED PROJECTS

Σταύρος Σταύρου, Καθηγητής

INSTANT: INtelligent platform for providing STaffing ANd Training in the Hotel Industry / Έξυπνη πλατφόρμα Στελέχωσης και Κατάρτησης στη Ξενοδοχειακή βιομηχανία

RESTART 2016-2020 [Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation] – INTEGRATED PROJECTS

Σταύρος Σταύρου, Καθηγητής CY SENTINEL - Cyber Sensors for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Large Scale Cyber Range Training Environment

Digital Security Authority of Cyprus

Πέτρος Πασιαρδής, Καθηγητής

I AM - Inclusive Education using Animation and Multimedia

Erasmus +, CMP Prooptiki Management Consulting, Greece


Στάθης Μαυροθέρης, Μονάδα Πληροφορικής, Τεχνολογιών και Βιβλιοθήκης

TeaSpils:  Teaching Environmental Awareness with Smart IoT Planters in Learning Spaces Erasmus+ 2020-2023
Στάθης Μαυροθέρης, Μονάδα Πληροφορικής, Τεχνολογιών και Βιβλιοθήκης ImTech4Ed: Immersive Technologies for Education Erasmus+ 2020-2023
Σταύρος Σταύρου, Καθηγητής  Drone Eye: Drone Early Warning and Jamming System Δράση Αθηνά (Υπουργείο Άμυνας (ΥΠΑΜ / Ministry of Defense, Cyprus) 2021-2024
Υποτροφία στην Έλλη Τζυρκαλλή

Enhancement of the Knowledge of Pollinators in the Sovereign Base Area of Akrotiri (Cyprus) and the Implementation of Citizen Science Schemes and the Conservation of Pollinators

Darwin Fund – UK  2022 - 2023
Γιώργος Παπαϊωάννου, ΣΕΠ

Pact4Skills: Tackling the Challenges of European Education Area by Building Resilient, Inclusive and Forward- looking Training to Upskill HED Students Face the Transformations in Digital Culture with New e-skills, Intercultural and Entrepreneurial Competences

Erasmus + KA2  2022 - 2024
Μιχαλίνος Ζεμπύλας, Καθηγητής

Culturally Responsive Schooling

Εθνικός Οργανισμός Έρευνας Κυβέρνησης Αυστραλίας  2022 - 2024
Μιχαλίνος Ζεμπύλας, Καθηγητής ARE-PRED: Developing a Web-Based Learning Environment for Supporting Students’ Argumentation Skills and Reducing Prejudice Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation – RESTART 2016-2020 – EXCELLENCE HUBS 2022 - 2024
Γιάννης Βογιατζάκης, Καθηγητής Take Off: VET activities for supporting nature conservation and
climate change mitigation in Mediterranean agricultural
Erasmus +, Small Scale Partnerships 2022-2023
Σταύρος Σταύρου, Καθηγητής  Multisense: Multi domain wireless threat detection sensors for Security Operation Centres Research and Innovation Foundation - Research in Enterprises 2022-2024
Αλέξανδρος Τσαδήρας, Αναπληρωτής Καθηγητής EUIRis: Jean Monnet Chair - EU Institutions, Rights and Judicial Integration Erasmus +, Jean Monnet Chair 2022-2025
Γιάννης Βογιατζάκης, Καθηγητής Agroassis: Regenerative approaches for building climate change resilience into EU agricultural regions prone to
Life + 2022-2026
Γιάννης Βογιατζάκης, Καθηγητής SMILES: Enhancing Small-Medium IsLands resilience by securing the sustainability of Ecosystem Services COST 2022-2026
Μιχαλίνος Ζεμπύλας, Καθηγητής Con Citizen Erasmus + 2022-2024