Τρι, Μάι
Title ARE-PRED: Developing a Web-Based Learning Environment for Supporting Students’ Argumentation Skills and Reducing Prejudice
Project Coordinator Prof Michalinos Zembylas
Programme Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation – RESTART 2016-2020 – EXCELLENCE HUBS
  1. Open University Cyprus
  2. InSPIRE
  3. Cyprus Pedagogical Institute – Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture
Research Members & Collaborators

Prof Michalinos Zembylas (OUC) (Project Coordinator)
Prof Kalypso Iordanou (InSPIRE) (Co-Principal Investigator)
Dr Athina Manoli (OUC)
Dr Panayiota Christodoulidou (OUC)
Prof Stavros Stavrou (OUC)
Dr Adamantini Peratikou (OUC)
Dr Elena Papamichael (Cyprus Pedagogical Institute)
Prof Deanna Kuhn (Columbia University)

Agreement number EXCELLENCE/0421/500
Duration 01.04.2022 – 31.03.2024
Total budget € 150000

The Are-Pred project has secured funding under the Restart 2016-2020 programme of the Research and Innovation Foundation of the Republic of Cyprus. The project aims to develop a research-based curriculum and a Web-Based Learning Environment for supporting middle-school students to develop their argumentation skills and reduce ethnic prejudice. The objectives of the project include examination of engagement in dialogic argumentative and reflective activities to support the development of students’ argumentation skills on controversial social issues. Additionally, the project will focus on how these skills can reduce myside bias and ethnic prejudice as well as emotional change on controversial social issues.