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The mission of the School of Economics and Management (SOED) is to offer contemporary and innovative academic programs and to promote scientific research through the production of new knowledge in the broad areas of economics and management. The academic programs of SOED provide our students with critical analytical skills and values in order to pursue a successful career in the private and public sectors.

The Faculty already has a significant local and European presence, having systematically cultivated, at postgraduate level, the sciences of management and economics. The combination of the theory of science with the professional practice, leads to a high level of results, which, in addition to the academic recognition, value these scientific fields in the society. Particular attention is paid to the fact of the globalization of economic and productive developments, which is reflected in the content of studies in all educational programmes provided.


Dean: Michalinos Zembylas, Professor

Deputy Dean: Alexandros Tsadiras, Associate Professor

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Academic Rank
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Academic Consultation Hours
Robert Duval Hernandez
Assistant Professor
Τρίτη/Thursday, 10:30-13:00 &
Πέμπτη/Thursday, 10:30-13:00
Μιχαλίνος Ζεμπύλας (Michalinos Zembylas)
Δευτέρα/Monday, 16:00-19:00 &
Πέμπτη/Thursday, 17:00-19:00
Κωνσταντίνος Λεωνίδου (Constantinos Leonidou)
Δευτέρα/Monday, 13:00-18:00
Χρύσθια Παπακλεοβούλου (Chrysthia Papacleovoulou)
Τετάρτη/Wednesday, 09:30-14:30
Πέτρος Πασιαρδής (Petros Pashiardis)
Δευτέρα/Monday, 10:00-15:00
Ελπιδοφόρος Σωτηριάδης (Elpidoforos Soteriades)
Associate Professor
Πέμπτη/Thursday, 08:00-13:00
Μιχάλης Τάλιας (Michael Talias)
Associate Professor
Δευτέρα/Monday, 11:00-14:00 &
Πέμπτη/Thursday, 10:00-14:00
Αλέξανδρος Τσαδήρας (Alexandros Tsadiras)
Associate Professor
Τρίτη/Tuesday, 09:00-14:00
Χριστίνα Χρίστου (Christina Christou)
Associate Professor
Δευτέρα/Monday, 12:00-14:00 &
Παρασκευή/Friday, 10:00-13:00



Andreas Pavlakis Assistant Professor      Retirement (2014)
Mamas Theodorou       Professor Retirement (2017)
Dafni Kaitelidou Assistant Professor Resignation (2017)
Andreas Assiotis Lecturer Resignation (2015)
Emmanouil Mamatzakis   Professor Resignation (2022)




Administrative Personnel

Vasiliki Vasiliou, vasiliki.vasiliou@ouc.ac.cy,  0035722411988

Maria Ioannidou, maria.ioannidou@ouc.ac.cy,  0035722411950

Maria Pitsillou, maria.pitsillou@ouc.ac.cy,  0035722411880