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The overriding objectives of the Programme are the following:

To provide specialised knowledge and practices in the fields of Management, Technology and Quality. In addition, to provide graduates with the opportunity to apply this knowledge and skills in their working environment.

To prepare senior managers and administrative staff to act creatively and productively.

It focuses on the following Modules:

  • General Principles of Management: Human Resource Management, Ethics and Leadership, Communication and Negotiation, Economics, Accounting and Finance, Marketing and Strategy
  • Operations Management, Technology and Project Management: Management Information Systems, Principles of Operations Management, Supply Chain and Project Management
  • Total Quality Management (TQM): Strategic Quality Management, Performance Management and Quality Improvement with the use of the relevant tools, techniques, standards and frameworks

A more detailed list of objectives includes:

  • To contribute to the professional development of employees and managers, so that they have a modern and comprehensive knowledge of the management practices of a company.
  • To provide students with an understanding of Business Administration and the use of technology in the management of an organisation.
  • To provide our graduates with a comprehensive understanding of Economics and Finance, and their applicability for effective decision-making.
  • To help students become aware of their legal and ethical responsibilities in their work environment.
  • To develop students' critical thinking skills, analysing the ways emerging technologies can be optimally utilized in businesses and organizations to manage the growth of information technologies, data, as well as other alternative forms of knowledge.
  • To offer students a solid knowledge foundation regarding modern information systems and technology, which are crucial for businesses and organizations to remain competitive and efficient in their operation.
  • To train students in the use of innovative strategies and marketing techniques required by organisations to be competitive in an uncertain economic environment.
  • To contribute to the graduation of executives and employees who will possess modern and comprehensive knowledge of Total Quality Management and Excellence models.
  • To introduce students to the core concepts of Project, Operation, and Supply-Chain management, necessary for the successful operation of an enterprise.
  • To consolidate the knowledge obtained throughout the program and utilize it in preparing an extensive research project (dissertation).


European Credit Units - ECTS: 90

Teaching Language: Greek

Level of Studies: Postgraduate

Title to be Awarded: Magister Scientiae (MSc)



This programme offers an integrated and interdisciplinary body of knowledge and the skills it provides are needed and used in areas as diverse as Health, Education, Telecommunications, Tourism, Food industry, Banking, Consulting and Manufacturing, as well as in the Public Sector.

Graduates are eligible to work in all these sectors using the specialised knowledge offered in the fields of Management, Technology and Total Quality Management.


The Programme is evaluated and accredited by

ΔΙΠΑΕ μικρό


The Open University of Cyprus (OUC), through its participation in the European project "Liaison Offices with the Labour Market", offers to students of all its programmes of study, the optional and free of charge Thematic Unit (i.e. Module) entitled "Industry Placement". This module provides students opportunities for a placement to gain professional experience in their particular field of study, and the hosting institution can be any public or private organisation operating in the Republic of Cyprus.

Each student has the right to participate in this offering once or twice during his / her studies, provided that s/he meets the required conditions.

Request more information by contacting the OUC Liaison Office here.



The minimum requirement for admission to a postgraduate programme is an undergraduate degree from an accredited Higher Education Institution.

It is desirable that students have good knowledge of the English language, and of Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access).



The total cost of the fees for this postgraduate programme is 5,400 Euro. 

The tuition fees for each module are 675€. The tuition fees for the Master Thesis are also 1,350€.



Applications can be submitted exclusively online:

Αιτήσεις Αγγ χωρίς ημερομηνίσ

 Application dates for the fall semester of the Academic year 2024-2025 : March 4 - June 14, 2024.


To obtain this postgraduate degree students are required to complete successfully the programme and the examinations on the 6 (six) Modules (credited with 10 ECTS each), and also to develop a Master Thesis (credited with 30 ECTS).

Students are required to prepare two written assignments in each Module under the supervision and guidance of a tutor, and if they gain the necessary grades, they will become eligible to participate in the final exams.


Programme of Study Layout 

Management, Technology and Quality
Modules Semester    Required / Elective    Pre-requisite Modules    Co-requisite Modules   Workload
Hours ECTS
Common for all Specializations
DTP511    Principles of Management 1 Required     250 - 300 10
DTP512 Fundamentals of Economics, Accounting and Finance 1 Required     250 - 300 10
DTP513 Operations, Supply Chains & Project Management 1 Required     250 - 300 10
DTP521 Total Quality Management and Excellence Models 2 Required     250 - 300 10
DTP522 Technology Management and Information Systems 2 Required     250 - 300 10
DTP523 Strategy and Marketing 2 Required     250 - 300 10
DTP701Α   Master Thesis Ι1 3 Required DTP511 DTP512 250 - 300 10
DTP701Β Master Thesis ΙΙ1 3 Required DTP511 DTP512, DTP701Α 500 - 600 20
DTP695 Industry Placement2 4 Optional DTP511, DTP512   125-150 5
DTP696 Industry Placement2 4 Optional DTP695   125-150 5
Total 2250 - 2700 90

1Students will enroll either in DTP701A and DTP701B together in order to complete the Program in three (3) semesters, or in DTP701A and DTP701B separately in order to complete the Program in more than three (3) semesters.
2Enrollment in DTP695 & DTP696 is optional. The ECTS corresponding to that module are not counted in the student’s overall grade.

If you would like to request more information about the "Industry Placement" Thematic Unit / Module DTP695 and DTP696, please contact the OUC Liaison Office here.


Academic Personnel

Duval Hernandez Robert, Associate Professor, Programme Director, DTP512, Module coordinator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 0035722411882


Adjunct Faculty (Tutors)

Ανοικτό Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου - Open University of Cyprus has 3 registered members
Παρασκευή Καπετανοπούλου (Paraskevi Kapetanopoulou)
ΔΤΠ521: Διοίκηση Ολικής Ποιότητας και Μοντέλα Αριστείας
Module Coordinator

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Πάρις Κλεάνθους (Paris Cleanthous)
ΔΤΠ523: Στρατηγική και Μάρκετινγκ
Module Coordinator

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Στέφανος Γκρίτζαλης (Stefanos Gritzalis)
ΔΤΠ522: Διαχείριση Τεχνολογίας και Πληροφοριακών Συστημάτων
Module Coordinator

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Vasiliou Vasiliki (Assistant Clerical Officer)

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel. 00357-22411988