The purpose and objectives of the Alumni Office are drawn up on the basis of the general vision and objectives of OUC, and in particular on the objectives of "promoting lifelong learning" and "coupling with society and the economy for the sustainable development and progress of Cyprus".

When the student graduates, the Alumni Office, which acts as an intermediary between the University and the graduate, aims to maintain this bond. Keeping graduates close to the University, OUC continues to offer in the context of lifelong learning and aims to strengthen the skills required in the present society and economy.

At the same time, it collaborates on a different level with its graduates, who, as active and academically / scientifically empowered members of society, offer back to the University and the students, within their professional and social potential.


The Alumni Office of the Open University of Cyprus contributes to the creation and strengthening of the relations of the OUC Community. The Office aims to strengthen relationships and existing links of interaction and collaboration between the University and its graduates. The mission of the Alumni Office is to promote the participation of graduates in the university community and to encourage the maintenance of a lifelong relationship with the University. The Alumni Office aspires to encourage the professional, academic and social relations of its members, through events, actions and activities that focus on the development and supply of benefits and opportunities to University graduates.


Contact us for any questions or to share your news and suggestions! In addition, if you are a business owner and you are interested in participating in the Privileges Package by offering preferential benefits to graduates of the Open University of Cyprus, contact us for more information.

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