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Doctoral Programmes (STHEE)
Academic Personnel

The pure and applied sciences are a guide for development, innovation and technology, elements necessary for the formation and evolution of modern society. 

The Programmes of Pure and Applied Sciences are fully compatible with European standards and have the characteristics of new disciplines: they started as a research specialization and today are scientific, technological and professional autonomous fields of knowledge that train scientists sufficiently in order to face current and future scientific challenges.

Programmes of the Faculty are also offered in English, with the aim of promoting research, attracting foreign students and the distinction and promotion of the Open University of Cyprus in the European and wider international space.




Offered Doctoral Programmes of the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, for the academic year 2023-2024 (spring semester):


The minimum time required to complete the doctorate is three (3) years, while the maximum duration is eight (8) years.



TEACHING LANGUAGE:  Greek or English

LEVEL: Doctorate

DEGREE AWARDED: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Internal Regulations for Doctoral Studies (Revised)



Applicants must hold a Master's degree, or an equivalent degree, related or similar to the research area listed above. 

Candidates must submit:

Those interested in applying for the Doctoral Programme should include the following information in the "Statement of Interest":

  1. A Preliminary Title of the Doctoral Thesis
  2. A Summary of a 300-word research proposal, which will necessarily include the following:
  • Description of the goal / purpose
  • The importance of the research
  • Review of the bibliography
  • Brief reference to the proposed research methodology.     
  1. Scientific and other Distinctions
  2. Scientific and Research Activities
  3. Research Areas



The School of Pure and Applied Sciences announces a number of doctoral scholarships in the following subject:

(a) Terrestrial Ecosystems Ecology

The scholarships are supported by funds available for the implementation of research activities (categories II and / or III - policy of granting scholarships of OUC). Scholarships can be claimed by existing and new PhD candidates of the School of Pure and Applied Sciences of OUC, whose research subject is related to the above list.

Candidates must submit the following information to the School Secretariat by 5th of June, 2023, to the email address, either in Greek or in English,

(1) Short CV.

(2) The research subject under focus, (a) or (b) or (c) of the above list, and a brief description of the research activities they propose to perform (up to 1500 words).

(3) Brief description / analysis, how their proposed research activities enhance / will enhance excellence (their research area, OUC, industry, and society) (up to 1500 words).

Applications will be evaluated by a special three-member committee. In case that the application is approved, the committee will propose the duration and the amount of the scholarship based on its evaluation.



Tuition fees for doctoral programs amounts to €675 per semester for the first six (6) semesters. In case the study lasts longer, then the following applies: for the first five (5) and the last semester, the cost amounts to €675 per semester and for the remaining semesters, the cost amounts to €100 per semester. No tuition is paid for the "Academic Writing (DXXX796)" and the "Research Methodology (DXXXX795)", which are mandatory at the beginning of the study.



Applications can be submitted exclusively online:

Αιτήσεις Αγγ χωρίς ημερομηνίσ

 Application dates for the Academic year 2023-2024 (spring semester) : until November 1, 2023.



For additional information, please contact Ms. Marianna Prodromou (, 00357-22411651.

The following laboratories operate in the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences:



Dean: Ioannis Manolopoulos, Professor

Deputy Dean: Jahna Otterbacher, Associate Professor

Adjunct Faculty (Tutors)

Ανοικτό Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου - Open University of Cyprus has 19 registered members
Ανθή Δίπλα (Anthi Dipla)
ΕΛΛ314: Θέματα Αρχαίας Ελληνικής Τέχνης
Module Coordinator

Αντώνιος Κλάψης (Antonios Klapsis)
ΕΛΛ212: Νεοελληνική Ιστορία ΙΙ (1898 - 1949)
Module Coordinator

Χάρις Κανελλοπούλου (Charis Kanellopoulou)
ΕΛΛ415: Νεοελληνική Τέχνη: Γλυπτική - Ζωγραφική
Module Coordinator

Χρήστος Δανιήλ (Christos Daniil)
ΕΛΛ213: Νεοελληνική Λογοτεχνία Ι (16ος - 19ος αιώνας)
Module Coordinator

Χρήστος Ζαφειρόπουλος (Christos Zafiropoulos)
ΕΛΛ411: Αρχαίο Ελληνικό Θέατρο Ι (Τραγωδία)
Module Coordinator

Χρυσάνθη Δημητρίου (Chrysanthi Demetriou)
ΕΛΛ312: Λατινικά Ι
Module Coordinator

Ελένη Κακλαμάνου (Eleni Kaklamanou)
ΕΛΛ418: Πολιτική Σκέψη και Δράση στην Αρχαία Ελλάδα
Module Coordinator

Ευαγγελινή Μάρκου (Evangeline Markou)
ΕΛΛ316: Εισαγωγή στην Επιγραφική και τη Νομισματική
Module Coordinator

Ιωάννης Βανδουλάκης (Ioannis Vandoulakis)
ΕΛΛ416: Οι Επιστήμες στην Αρχαία Ελλάδα και το Βυζάντιο
Module Coordinator

Κερασία Στρατίκη (Kerasia Stratiki)
ΕΛΛ112: Αρχαία Ελληνική Ιστορία (1200 π.Χ. - 330 μ.Χ.)

Λυκούργος Κουρκουβέλας (Lykourgos Kourkouvelas)
ΕΛΛ111: Εισαγωγή στη Σπουδή του Πολιτισμού (Θεωρία και Πράξη)
Module Coordinator

Μαίρη Γκικάκη (Mairi Gkikaki)
ΕΛΛ113: Αρχαία Ελληνική Τέχνη (1200 π.Χ. - 330 μ.Χ.)
Module Coordinator

Μαρία Γερολέμου (Maria Gerolemou)
ΕΛΛ311: Αρχαία Ελληνικά Ι
Module Coordinator

Μαρία Νούσια (Maria Noussia)
ΕΛΛ211: Αρχαία Ελληνική Λογοτεχνία (Αρχαϊκή - Κλασική περίοδος)
Module Coordinator

Μαρία Ξανθού (Maria Xanthou)
ΕΛΛ410: Αρχαία Ελληνικά ΙΙΙ: Θεματογραφία
Module Coordinator

Νικόλαος Φαλαγκάς (Nikolaos Falagkas)
ΕΛΛ313: Θέματα νεοελληνικής λογοτεχνίας (20ος αιώνας)
Module Coordinator

Πολυξένη Χαραλαμπίδου (Polyxeni Charalambidou)
ΕΛΛ113: Αρχαία Ελληνική Τέχνη (1200 π.Χ. - 330 μ.Χ.)
Module Coordinator

Σάββας Κυριακίδης (Savvas Kyriakidis)
ΕΛΛ111: Εισαγωγή στη Σπουδή του Πολιτισμού (Θεωρία και Πράξη)

Βασίλειος Αναστασιάδης (Vasileios Anastasiadis)
ΕΛΛ112: Αρχαία Ελληνική Ιστορία (1200 π.Χ. - 330 μ.Χ.)
Module Coordinator


Past Faculty


Administrative Personnel

Marianna Prodromou,

Xenia Pavli,