Internal Research Projects - Ανοικτό Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου - Open University of Cyprus

Internal Research Projects

The University, within its framework of activities, sponsors research projects and activities submitted by the Members of Academic Community, according to a specific procedure that has been adopted.

In the link below you can find information regarding the current internally funded research projects of the Academic Staff of OUC:

ΑΠΚΥ 47. Έντυπο Υποβολής Ερευνητικής Πρότασης (Submission form for research proposal)

ΑΠΚΥ 48. Έντυπο Υποβολής Ερευνητικής Δραστηριότητας (Submission form for research activity)

ΑΠΚΥ 75. Έντυπο Υποβολής Αναθεωρημένου Προϋπολογισμού/ Παράτασης Ερευνητικής Πρότασης (Revised Budget Submission Form / Extension Research Proposal)

ΑΠΚΥ 78. Ενδιάμεση Έκθεση Προόδου (Interim Progress Report)

ΑΠΚΥ 79. Τελική Έκθεση Προόδου (Final Progress Report)