The Open University of Cyprus provides anyone interested, the opportunity to obtain a high quality, accredited University Degree or/and a Certificate for Training Programmes, in his/her own space and time, without the restrictions of conventional education. OUC offers a great number of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the Greek Language, postgraduate programmes in cutting-edge fields in English, doctoral programmes in research areas of its three faculties, lifelong learning programmes, and training programmes.

To enroll in the programmes provided by the Open University of Cyprus you must first be informed of the admission requirements, and then to fill in the online application within the application periods announced for each academic year.

It is worth knowing that; there is no charge for submitting and checking your online application. You should also know that you may simultaneously apply for more than one programme of study with 1 application form. After your admission to the Open University of Cyprus, you will be invited to choose one of the programmes to attend part-time or full- time, based on your final preference.

For any further information, you can contact the OUC the Admissions Office: , +357 22 411600


Admission Requirements

For a Bachelor Degree Programme, the basic prerequisite is a secondary education degree or equivalent qualification.

Applicants expected to acquire the above qualifications until enrollment in the Open University of Cyprus, are also entitled to apply for admission.

Attendance to an undergraduate programme leading to the award of a Bachelor’s Degree may be part-time or full-time. The maximum period allowed for the completion of undergraduate studies is 12 academic years (24 semesters).

Check your options for a Bachelor’s degree here.

For a Master Degree Programme applicants must hold a Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized Higher Education Institution, at the date of enrollment, in a field related to the programme of choice (depending on admissions criteria per programme).

Applicants expected to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree until enrollment in the Open University of Cyprus, or have fulfilled their degree requirements, but the issuing of their Degree is pending, are still entitled to apply for admission.

Attendance to a postgraduate programme leading to the award of a Master’s Degree can be part-time or full-time. The maximum period allowed for the completion of a Master’s Degree is 6 academic years (12 semesters).

Admission to certain postgraduate programmes, may require relevant academic or/and work experience.

Check your options for a Master’s degree here

For the Doctoral Programmes applicants must hold a Master’s degree from a recognised Higher Education Institution, related to the scientific field of the PhD programme of their choice.

Admission to the doctoral programme, may dictate additional admissions criteria, such as the attendance of specific modules of postgraduate level that the candidates must complete.

The doctoral students of the Open University of Cyprus have the privilege of free attendance to two introductory Modules for preparation of their PhD studies.

Attendance to a doctoral programme can be part-time or full-time. The maximum period allowed for the completion of a doctoral programme is 8 academic years.

After the recommendation of the Selection Committee and the decision made by the relevant Faculty, students may be requested to have successfully complete a number of thematic units of postgraduate level, before their admission to the doctoral programme.

Check your options for Doctoral Programmes here.

The main goal of the Modules of the Greek Language is for the students to acquire the ability to meet the basic communication needs, with an emphasis on oral speech, while with the Module of the History of Cyprus, the students will become familiar with all periods of Cypriot history, from ancient times to modern ones.

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The Open University of Cyprus announces an application period for admissions to all the programmes offered in all Levels (undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral), at least once per year. This period is announced to the public through the website of the University, its Social Media, and traditional and new Media.

Online application process

Everyone who is interested in studying at the Open University of Cyprus may submit an online application, through the OUC dedicated application platform available, here, by following the steps below:

  1. Register in the Prospective Students Application Portal.
  2. Fill in the personal data.
  3. Fill in Personal Profile (Education, Examinations, Work Experience, References).
  4. Create an application (select programme/s).
  5. Attach Certificates.
  6. Submit the application.
  7. Online preliminary ranking allocation of places offered per programme (done automatically by OUC)
  8. Results and announcements of the places offered (done automatically by OUC).
  9. Acceptance of the offered place for studies in OUC.
  10. Receive confirmation message and enrollment information by the Open University of Cyprus.
Please note that after the creation of an application, candidates can temporarily save their draft application and then modify it as many times needed, until its final submission by the deadline announced.


For guidance and information, you may contact:

OUC Admissions Office: , +357 22 411600/ 711

Technical Support (helpdesk): , +357 22 411777