Vision, Mission and Core Values - Ανοικτό Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου - Open University of Cyprus

The Open University of Cyprus is committed to opening up education to all, and strives for an outstanding, challenging, and transformative teaching and learning experience of high academic standards and unrivalled links with the business world and society.

The Open University of Cyprus aims to establish itself as a pioneering university in open and distance education, and a student-centered university with international presence and recognition mainly in the broader area of southeastern Europe and the Mediterranean. Moreover, OUC aspires to grow as a higher educational institution, which values quality in studies and research, diversity, equity and inclusion, public engagement and social contribution, as well as extroversion. The University aims to combine its international reach and flexible operations and structure, using both to support the State’s vision to establish Cyprus as a regional educational and research center, a hub for international scholars and students alike.



The University’s mission is to

  • Offer high quality distance learning education and training programmes, providing equality of opportunity in education regardless of age, social background, location and pace of study.
  • Promote research and the generation and dissemination of knowledge, and be of service to society through education and research
  • Promote Lifelong Learning and Open and Distance Education.
  • Develop technological infrastructure and novel eLearning tools and applications to apply in open and distance education.
  • Promote innovative cooperation and mutually beneficial partnerships with the private and public sectors and civic society institutions to support the sustainable development and prosperity of Cyprus.


 Core Values

OUC’s operations are based on

  • Innovation
  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability
  • Strategic Planning and Methodology
  • Technology and its applications

and focus on:

  • The provision of high quality undergraduate and postgraduate education
  • The provision of courses that instil knowledge and skills necessary for the professional development of its students
  • The promotion of high calibre research work
  • The efficient and sustainable use of infrastructure, human and financial resources
  • Effective management and contiguity in procedures
  • Responsiveness to the wider needs of society

with emphasis on core values such as:

  • Excellence, quality, creativity and innovation in management, educational activities and organizational processes
  • Cooperation and extroversion in developing synergies with other universities, institutions, and organizations
  • Collaboration as part of the overall organizational approach, as well as personal and academic professionalism and integrity
  • Financial sustainability and efficiency
  • Civic responsibility being a public University