Rules and Procedures

The University covers a wide range of research areas, which represent the interests of its faculty members. Funding streams for the support of research activities include both internal and external funding. Internal research funding entails the allocation of a part of the University's budget to research activities. In contrast, funding from external sources stems mainly from European and other international research programmes and programmes funded by the National Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF).

The new FPC research policy is expected to be announced soon.

Basic and Applied Research

The University encourages and supports:

Basic theoretical research aimed at the promotion of scientific and technological knowledge.    

Applied research, conducted for a specific commercial or client-driven purpose, investigate areas, mainly technology and innovation, such as the development of new services and products, innovative processes and methods.

Research results, in both cases, are publicised in monographs, international journals and magazines, conference proceedings and other publications.

Freedom of research

The Open University of Cyprus is a strong promoter of freedom, scientific thought and research, in the context of transparency and academic ethics. Within this framework, temporary confidentiality of research outcomes and results is permitted and protected, where necessary.

Research funding

The University's research programmes can be funded as follows:

  • from University sources (internal funding) which include:
    • funds from the Republic of Cyprus (government sponsorship)
    • revenue from services to third parties, from commercial exploitation of patents, and products resulting from funded works.
  • from external sources, which include:
    • special contributions, funds and donations from legal entities of public or private law or individuals
    • international organisations interested in promoting research in specific scientific areas
    • sponsored research by Cypriot, European or international research organisations

Note: it is prohibited to use University property for personal financial profit.

Research Committee

The Research Committee coordinates the research strategy and policy of the Open University of Cyprus. Its goal is to promote, improve, develop research activities, and disseminate scientific research conducted across the scientific community and society.

Research Committee

Chairman: Associate Professor Jahna Otterbacher


Professor Vayos Liapis, Vice Rector

Associate Professor Avra Sidiropoulou

Professor Costas Leonidou

Assistant Professor Eliana Stavrou

Michael Savva, Coordinating Officer of Research, Industry Liaison and Innovation Services   

Georgia Panayidou, University Officer –  Financial Management Service