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According to the University’s revised discount policy coming into effect from the academic year 2021-2022 onwards, the following discounts apply exclusively to master and doctoral students. The following discounts apply exclusively to master and doctoral students.

Students are eligible to apply for one category of discount / scholarship.

In order for any discount to be approved, the applicant must have already been admitted to the programme of study of his / her choice.







 1. Two members of the same family studying at the same time (valid for first-degree relatives only).


- Birth or Marital Status Certificate (recently issued)

- ID card

2. Single parents (with one or two dependent children)


- Single Parent allowance Certificate from the country  of residence

3. Special discount benefit to Open University of Cyprus graduates to continue their studies at the OUC:

- enrolment in a 2nd programme of study

- enrolment in 3rd programme of study






4. Students with large families

- 3 dependent children

- 4 children

- 5 children

- 6 and above dependent children






 - Birth Certificates of dependent children

 - Dependent children

According to Cyprus law, dependent children are considered up to 18 years old, unless they are soldiers (up to 21 years old) or are students completing the seventh grade at a Secondary Education school

5.  Recipients of minimum guaranteed income, as defined by the Law on “Minimum Guaranteed Income and Social Benefits in General” of 2014 (L.109 (I) / 2014)

* applies only to citizens of the Republic of Cyprus


 -Relevant official certificate, with a date of issue within the last six (6) months

 6. Students with special needs


- Recently issued special needs allowance certificate

 7. Unemployed students


 - Relevant Certificate from an official state service


Interested students should :

  • submit their request for the reduction by sending the necessary supporting documents to the stating in the subject: Programme, Student Name, ID and Discount Category.


For more information:

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