The doctoral programme, aims to research issues in the following research areas:

  • Enviromental Engineering
  • Enviromental Engineering: Chemical Engineering

The minimum time required to complete the doctorate is three (3) years, while the maximum duration is eight (8) years.



TEACHING LANGUAGE:  Greek or English

LEVEL: Doctorate

DEGREE AWARDED: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



Candidates must:

  1. A Degree and a Postgraduate Degree related to Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, Science and Materials Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Medical Engineering, Food Engineering etc
  2. Excellent knowledge of English
  3. Good Knowledge in the Use of Geographic Information and Remote Sensing Systems (specifically ArcGIS, ERDAS, ENVI, e-Cognition)
  4. Good Knowledge of Statistics and Statistical Software (π.χ. Minitab, SPSS, R)
  5. Knowledge of analysis models of the life cycle, multicriteria analysis, simulation models
  6. Excellent knowledge and work experience in laboratory analysis subjects 

Additional qualifications for candidates are:

  • Any publications in prestigious international scientific journals in the above cognitive areas
  • Any publications in conferences in the above cognitive areas
  • Any participation in research projects
  • Knowledge of statistical packages
  • Previous work experience in laboratory analysis subjects such as analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, soil science, solid and liquid waste, etc.

Candidates must submit:

  1. Complete and detailed CV in EUROPASS format
  2. If there are any, a detailed list of publications
  3. Participation in research projects
  4. Full research proposal up to 2000 words including:
  • Subject title related to the topics that are posted
  • Statement of interest (the subject you are interested in must be explicitly stated)
  • Purpose of doctoral dissertation depending on the topic they choose
  • Research framework / research questions
  • Brief analysis of the current situation depending on the topic they will choose
  • Methodology of approaching the subject
  • Expected results
  • Diploma implementation schedule
  • Suggested bibliography

Candidates who do not submit complete supporting documents as listed in point 1-4 will not be evaluated.



Tuition fees for doctoral programs amounts to €675 per semester for the first six (6) semesters. In case the study lasts longer, then the following applies: for the first four (4) and the last two (2) semesters, the cost amounts to €675 per semester and for the remaining semesters, the cost amounts to €100 per semester. No tuition is paid for the "Academic Writing (DXXX796)" and the "Research Methodology (DXXXX795)", which are mandatory at the beginning of the study.


Internal Regulations for Doctoral Studies (Revised)



Applications can be submitted exclusively online:

Αιτήσεις Αγγ χωρίς ημερομηνίσ

Application dates for the fall semester of the Academic year 2024-2025 will be announced within the next few days.


For additional information, please contact Assistant Professor Antonis, Assistant Professor Marinos, Lecturer Irene