Adjunct Faculty (Tutors) 


Applied Health Informatics and Telemedicine 
Name E-mail Modules
Alkinoos Athanasiou  AHI612
Andreas Triantafyllidis                   AHI523
Charalampos Balis  AHI611
Mersini Pachou  AHI613
Nikolaos Stylianides    Academic Coordinator
Cognitive Systems  
Name E-mail Modules
Avraamides Marios          COS511
Blek Marios  COS614
Christou Antonios  COS523&COS622
Grohmann Kleanthes         COS525
Kalles Dimitrios      COS512
Kiouvrekis Giannis              COS613
Kollia Ilianna  COS513&COS623
Mylonas Foivos     COS512
Perikos Isidoros  COS524
Sofologi Maria  COS621
Tsagkaridis Konstantinos  COS522
Verykios Vassilios                COS624
Computer and Network Security 
Name E-mail Modules
Konstantinos Limniotis  AYD621
Ioannis Mavridis  AYD622
Adamantini Peratikou  AYD513
Stavros Shiaeles  AYD620&AYD521
Nikolaos Sklavos  AYD620
Environmental Conservation and Management 
Name E-mail Modules
Marinos Stylianou   DPP50
Paraskevi Manolaki  DPP61
Stavros Kolios    DPP51
Social Information Systems 
Name E-mail Modules
Demetris Antoniades  KPS611
Sustainable Energy Systems 
Name E-mail Modules
Fokaides Paris    SES515
Giannouli Myrsini  SES613
Ioannou Byron  SES524
Kylili Angeliki  SES611
Souliotis Emmanouil  SES513
Vita Vasiliki  SES514
Wireless Communication Systems 
Name E-mail Modules
Adamantini Peratikou  SAE521
Asimakis Leros  SAE511
Panagiota Tsintza  SAE612
Symeon Nikolaou   SAE611&SAE621