Installation of Office365 Software


Open a web browser.

Go to

Enter the email address provided to you by the Open University of Cyprus and click Next:

Email.Eikona 1 > Email.Eikona 2


Enter your OUC services password and click Sign in:

Email.Eikona 3


Proceed with two-factor authentication with the method you have chosen initially (Microsoft authenticator, SMS message, call to a telephone device). In the following example, authentication is done with the Microsoft authenticator application:

Email.Eikona 4 < > Email.Eikona 5


Click on Install apps:

Egkatastasi.Logism.Eikona 8


Select Microsoft 365 apps:

Egkatastasi.Logism.Eikona 9


Click on OfficeSetup.exe:

Egkatastasi.Logism.Eikona 10


Click Yes:

Egkatastasi.Logism.Eikona 11


Installation of The Microsoft Office 365 has begun and it will take a few minutes depending on your internet speed:

Egkatastasi.Logism.Eikona 12 > Egkatastasi.Logism.Eikona 13


Click Close:

Egkatastasi.Logism.Eikona 14


Open Microsoft Word and click Continue in order to connect with you OUC account:

Egkatastasi.Logism.Eikona 15


Type your OUC email address and click Next:

Egkatastasi.Logism.Eikona 16


Enter your OUC services password and click Sign in:

Egkatastasi.Logism.Eikona 17


Click Done:

Egkatastasi.Logism.Eikona 18


You have successfully installed Microsoft Office 365 on your computer.

No questions yet.