1. Open a web browser.

2. Go to

3. Enter the email address provided to you by the Open University of Cyprus and click Next:

Email.Eikona 1 > Email.Eikona 2


4. Enter your OUC services password and click Sign in:

Email.Eikona 3


5. Proceed with two-factor authentication with the method you have chosen initially (Microsoft authenticator, SMS message, call to a telephone device). In the following example, authentication is done with the Microsoft authenticator application:

Email.Eikona 4 < > Email.Eikona 5


6. Select Calendar Calendar eikonidio:



7. Below you can see your calendar:

Hmerologio.Eikona 20


New event:

1. Click on New event New event eikonidio 

2. Add Tittle, Attendees, Date and Time, Description and click Save to save your event:

Hmerologio.Eikona 21


Edit event:

1. Double click on the event you want to edit. 

2. Click Edit:

Hmerologio.Eikona 22


3. Edit the event and then click Save:

Hmerologio.Eikona 23


Delete event:

1. Double click on the event you want to delete. 

2. Click Delete:

Hmerologio.Eikona 24


3. Click Delete again to confirm deletion:

Hmerologio.Eikona 25


Change the way you view your calendar:

1. Select Day, Work week, Week, Month to change the way you view your calendar:

Hmerologio.Eikona 26

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