Strategic cooperation between the Open University of Cyprus and the CYENS Center of Excellence

A cooperation agreement aimed at developing joint actions in the fields of education, research and innovation was signed on the 30th of May 2023 by the Open University of Cyprus (OUC) and the CYENS Center of Excellence. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the Rector of OUC, Professor Petros Pashiardis, and the President of the Council of CYENS and Mayor of Nicosia, Mr. Constantinos Yiorkadjis. The OUC is a founding member of CYENS, which operates in Cyprus with funding from the Horizon 2020 programme, as a joint venture between the Municipality of Nicosia (coordinator), the Max Planck Institute for Informatics (Germany), University College London (United Kingdom), the University of Cyprus, the Cyprus University of Technology and OUC. The OUC research teams at CYENS are led by Associate Professor Loizos Michael and Associate Professor Jahna Otterbacher.

The objective of the Agreement is to facilitate and promote further the cooperation between the two organizations for joint ventures and research proposals that concern sciences, technology and innovation, the development and funding of research activities between OUC and CYENS research groups, the strengthening of the offer of distance learning programs and courses, the exchange of researchers, the co-organization of scientific and other events, as well as the utilization of the CYENS laboratories by the OUC community and vice versa.

The cooperation agreement was signed in the presence of OUC Vice Rector, Professor Vayos Liapis, the Director of Administration and Finance of the University Mr. Christophoros Christodoulides, and the General Director of CYENS Professor Chrysanthou Yiorgos.



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