Adjunct Faculty (Tutors)

Studies in Hellenic Culture  
Name   E-mail Modules
Alexis Alecou  ELL414 
Andreas Karyos  ELL414 
Andreas Serafim    ELL311&ELL321
Angelos Papadopoulos  ELL113 
Anna Zouganeli  ELL411 
Anthi Dipla  ELL314 
Charalampos Messis    ELL121&ELL412 
Charis Kanellopoulou     ELL415 &ELL425 
Christos Daniil    ELL213,ELL313&ELL223 
Demetra Demetriou  ELL213 
Dimitrios Michelioudakis                  ELL423 
Dimitrios Stamatopoulos   ELL123 
Efthymios Rizos   ELL121 
Eirini Panou   ELL426 
Eleni Fassa  ELL112&ELL316 
Eleni Kaklamanou   ELL221 
Eleni Lianta   ELL122 
Evangelia Vogiatzaki   ELL223 
Foteini Spingou   ELL222 
Georgia Tsouni  ELL323 
Ioannis Vandoulakis  ELL416 
Konstantinos Doukakis    ELL212&ELL326 
Lykourgos Kourkouvelas  ELL111    
Mairi Gkikaki  ELL113 
Maria Mandamadiotou  ELL212&ELL123  
Maria Noussia    ELL211 
Maria Papadaki  ELL111&ELL122    
Maria Patera  ELL112 
Nikolaos Papadimitriou   ELL325 
Savvas Kyriakidis  ELL111    
Stella Alekou  ELL312 
Theodoros Giannopoulos  ELL424 
Thomas Tsartsidis    ELL322 
Bioethics - Medical Ethics  
Name   E-mail Modules
Apostolos Papalois BIH521
Dimitrios Lamprellis BHI512
Evangelos Protopapadakis BHI513
Georgios Boutlas  BIH525
Ioannis Ladas  BIH523
Maria Chorianopoulou BHI514
Panagiotis Iliopoulos BHI511
Theodoros Trokanas  BIH527
Vasileios Fanaras BIH522
Communication and New Journalism 
Name   E-mail Modules
Aikaterini Diamantaki   EDM611&EDM621
Athanassios Samaras  EDM512&EDM522
Charilaos Platanakis EDM511&EDM521
Leonidas Vatikiotis Academic Coordinator
Spyridoula Tsene   EDM612&EDM622
Vasiliki Kaimaki EDM624
Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning 
Name   E-mail Modules
Pavlos Hatzopoulos  SDM621
Soultana Anastasopoulou  SDM512 & SDM612
Cultural Policy and Development 
Name   E-mail Modules
Charis Kanellopoulou PPA621
Georgios Papaioannou PPA614
Mina Dragouni PPA521
Styliani Sylaiou PPA615&PPA522
Stylianos Lekakis PPA512
Greek Linguistics and Literature  
Name   E-mail Modules
Filippos Pappas EGL61
Panagiotis Seranis  EGL60
Zacharoula Petraki EGL51
Media in Contemporary School  
Name   E-mail Modules
Charilaos Platanakis   ΕΝΔ511
Emmanouil Takas ΕΝΔ512
Sofia Papadimitriou ΜΕΣ513
PNYX: Political History, Theory and Practice 
Name   E-mail Modules
Andreas Karyos ΠΙΘ521
Konstantinos Doukakis  ΠΙΘ511
Lykourgos Kourkouvelas ΠΙΘ522
Theodoros Giannopoulos ΠΙΘ512
Theatre Studies  
Name   E-mail Modules
Anna Misopolinou TSP51
Eleni Gkini TSP51
Georgios Kraias   TSP50
Georgios Sampatakakis  TSP60
Maria Konomi   TSP62
Stamatia Neofytou-Georgiou TSP50
Theodoros Grammatas TSP61