MDE511: Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management

  • Κωδικός / Course Code: MDE511
  • ECTS: 10
  • Τρόποι Αξιολόγησης / Assessment:

    2 assignments (40%), interactive activities (10%), final exam (50%)

  • Διάρκεια Φοίτησης/ Length of Study: Εξαμηνιαία (χειμερινό) / Semi-annual (fall)
  • Κόστος/ Tuition Fees: 650 euro
  • Επίπεδο Σπουδών/ Level: Μεταπτυχιακό/ Postgraduate

This module focuses on two main subject areas, namely Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management:

Organisational Behaviour, aims to present the basic principles, theoretical approaches and models as well as the tools with which we study the behaviour of individuals in organisations. Through examples and practices of modern organisations, students are informed about the challenges and issues in the workplace. An introduction to concepts of individuals’ perception and personality, and the basic theoretical frameworks with which we approach them is presented. The mechanisms and models of employee motivation are then discussed, with significant implications for the contemporary ways of working. The sections which follow discuss important issues that affect behaviour and employee productivity. Issues regarding the effectiveness of working groups as well as the interpersonal conflicts are analysed. The section concludes with an analysis of the organisational culture and values.

Human Resource Management, covers the principles of planning, directing and developing people in an organisation. Emphasis is on the effective implementation of HR processes, including recruitment, development, evaluation, and motivation of employees. The curriculum is designed to provide a basic understanding as well as appreciation of the importance of HRM in today’s competitive business environment, as well as the HR information students will need to be effective managers in either a large or small company setting. HRM activities and decisions facing managers throughout the organisation are emphasized as well as the duties and responsibilities of HR professionals. The course will also examine the impact of HRM practices and decisions on both organisational and individual performance.

This module takes a holistic and pragmatic approach to organisational behaviour and human resource management, incorporating business applications, real world examples, and practice-based features and exercises that enable students to further enhance their personal and professional development.