The Open University of Cyprus invites applications for the following position in the Faculty of Economics and Management:
  • One (1) academic position at the rank of Lecturer and/or Assistant Professor in the area of “Accounting and Finance”.

According to the laws governing the Open University of Cyprus, academic staff assigned to a thematic unit or program of study which is either abolished or merged with another, will be re-assigned to other thematic units or to another program of study that is either offered or will be offered in the future.

For all academic ranks, an earned Doctorate from a recognized University. The minimum requirements for each academic rank are listed in the announcement of the position. These qualifications pertain to the candidate’s number of years of academic experience, his/her research outcome and scientific contributions, and to his/her experience in developing and organizing high quality undergraduate and postgraduate/or programs.

The following criteria will be used for the selection:

  • Doctoral degree from a recognized University in a relative area of the position
  • Research experience, quality and extent of research track record.
  • Ability to guide and foster research and ability to attract external research funding.
  • International recognition of research track record.
  • Teaching experience in higher education.
  • Experience and qualifications in open and distance learning (knowledge and contribution in developing relevant technologies; teaching experience; development of suitable didactic material, particularly of digital material; contribution in developing didactic methods/methodologies).
  • Experience in developing new study programs.
  • Administrative and organizational experience (organizing and managing teams, projects, departments).
  • Experience (studies, teaching, research) in international environments.
  • Very good knowledge of the English language

The appointee’s main duties will be the following:

  • Development of personal research activity; organization and leadership of a research team; attraction of external research funding.
  • Supervision of doctoral students and postdoctoral research fellows.
  • Distance teaching, including extensive use of asynchronous and synchronous technologies, and holding group advisory meetings (tutorials) (with physical presence or virtual).
  • Supervision of undergraduate and Master’s theses.
  • Improvement of teaching practices and methods, as well as of the content of thematic units (i.e. courses) of the programs of study offered by the Faculty, and preparation of digital didactic material suitable for distance learning.
  • Organization and coordination of and guidance to the teaching staff of the thematic units.
  • Check and assessment of the content of the thematic units.
  • Ensuring the overall quality of the didactic work of all teaching staff teams.
  • Continuous update of existing programs of study and development of new ones.

It is not necessary for candidates to be citizens of the Republic of Cyprus.

Please click HERE for the revised Call for Applications.

  • Applications must be complete and may be submitted only through the OUC e-recruitment portal (
  • Applications may be submitted from Friday 23 December 2022 until Tuesday, 28 March 2023  9 May 2023 at 13:00pm (Cyprus time).

For more information concerning administrative issues, candidates may contact the Human Resources Department through email at

For more information concerning academic issues, candidates may contact the Rector’s Office at

The Open University of Cyprus is committed to an Equal Opportunities Policy in relation to hiring and supporting the career development of all people, and encourages individuals, irrespective of gender or gender reassignment, to apply for academic, research and administrative job openings. The Open University of Cyprus does not discriminate on the grounds of racial or ethnic origin, colour, religion or belief, gender, gender reassignment, ethnicity, nationality, age, disability, marriage or civil partnership, or sexual orientation in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of Cyprus.