Research, innovation and Liaison Services

Basic and applied research at OUC is carried out in scientific fields of direct interest to the University and its faculty members. The Research, Innovation and Liaison Services provides administrative support and management with the' University's research projects. It also supports Faculty in identifying external funding sources and assists with proposals and the requisite application procedures. At the same time, it provides administrative support for research programmes funded by the University's budget. The objectives of the Research Services focus on three main areas: information and networking; support and training; and dissemination of research results.

The main responsibilities of Research, innovation and Liaison Services are:

  • To inform the academic community of new programmes, deadlines and funding for possible proposal preparation and submission.
  • To provide administrative support to the academic community for research proposal preparation and submission, as well as the implementation phase of a project
  • To supervise, in collaboration with the Research Committee and the University Community, the dissemination of research results and research publications.
  • To provide administrative support to the Research Committee of the University