Marketing Department

The Marketing Department deals with the following:

  • Design and implementation of the promotion planning of the OUC Programmes of Studies on an annual and continuous basis
  • Planning, organization and implementation of actions for the participation of OUC in educational exhibitions and other conferences and informative meetings for the promotion of the Programmes of Studies in Cyprus and abroad
  • Market research and other relevant studies on competition and target markets of the Programmes of Studies, which contributes to promotion planning and actions

Detailed tasks of the Marketing Department


Administrative Support Office (Ushers)

The Administrative Support Office has the responsibility to manage the correspondence, as well as general office duties, warehouse management and provide other support to the Building Infrastructure and Security Office.


Building Infrastructure and Security Office

The main responsibility of the Building Infrastructure and Security Office
is to ensure the smooth operation of the University building infrastructure and to manage occupational safety and health issues.

Specifically, it deals with:

  • The preventive control and maintenance of electrical installations and equipment, as well as the maintenance and repair of damages to structural elements of the University facilities
  • The organisation and management of the AEE system, fire safety teams and emergencies
  • The supervision and organisation of cleaning issues and guarding of the building facilities of the University
  • The management of furniture and relocation issues
  • The support of special projects related to energy and environmental issues.


Procurement Office

The Procurement Office is responsible for the following:

  • Carrying out the University's public procurement tender competitions (preparing and assisting in the writing of tender documents, the announcement of tender calls, participation and/or assistance in tender evaluation)
  • Tender contracts and administrative support during the implementation of contracts
  • Administrative support to the Tender Board
  • Managing purchase requests and framework agreements
  • Continuous updating/training of public procurement for the personnel (in terms of laws, internal regulations, best practices, internal procedures)
  • Maintaining relevant records and registries