Purpose and brief description:

The programme covers the process of capturing and identifying the innovative business idea, quantifying market opportunities, designing the new business, implementing the business plan, and operating the new business. In detail, it covers and analyses the following subjects:

  • The business environment, the concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation. The conception of innovative business idea as the first stage of entrepreneurship. The key to the success of a business idea.
  • The design of the new business. The drafting of the business plan.
  • The implementation of the business plan. Funding, organisation, licensing, insurance
  • The operation of the new business. Sustainability, profitability, marketing.

The programme aims to present and analyse issues related to entrepreneurship and innovation. In more detail, its objectives are to present and analyse (a) the common principles governing different types of businesses and (b) the basic stages of entrepreneurship as a process. starting their own business, further developing an existing business, being a member of a management team in a new business, or better understanding the entrepreneur and the business process.

Minimum Admission Requirements:

  • Diploma of secondary general school or technical school

Teaching Method / Methodology / Form of Educational Material :

  • Distance education / Teleconferences
  • Educational material: Printed educational material (books and / or teacher notes).

The professional development programmes are two months long and the participation cost is 140 Euros for each programme.

Programme Structure:

Teaching Unit  1:

  • Entrepreneur, Business Activity and Innovation.
  • Analysis of the concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation, business incentives, the reasons for survival, failure/success of new businesses.
  • Reference to small and family businesses.
  • Innovation analysis, birth of innovative ideas.
  • Evaluation of innovative ideas.

Teaching Unit 2:

  • Business Startup Preparation: Research, Planning and Business Planning.
  • The concept of a business plan: necessity, structure, analysis, evaluation. Case study.

Teaching Unit 3:

  • Business Start-up, Business Activity and Marketing
  • Business start-up: Financing, Organisation, Licensing, Insurance. Business activity and marketing.