Responding to a time of change and challenges, and to the need for lifelong learning, the Open University of Cyprus (OUCy) offers vocational and lifelong learning programs. The subjects of those programs are relevant to the focus areas of the University’s three Faculties, and they are taught by acclaimed academic faculty. Our aim is to build a bridge of communication with society at large and to fulfill rapidly changing educational needs.

The OUCy provides multi-operational educational programs, and may also offer tailor-made programs to address the educational needs of specific organizations. Seminars can be funded by the Human Resources Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA), as OUCy has been accredited as a Vocational Training Centre by the aforementioned Authority.

With over 20 years’ experience in open and distance-learning education using innovative and interactive educational methods, the University’s vision is to provide an opportunity for flexible, adaptable and innovative learning experience, as well as to contribute to the digital literacy of the workforce of the future.


Contact: Georgia Kyriakidou, University Officer, e-mail: