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The postgraduate program EUROPEAN UNION LAW focuses on scientific research and training in the field of European Union Law. Particular emphasis is given on the most important legislative and jurisprudential developments concerning the key areas of this law, such as the four basic freedoms of the Internal Market, judicial and extra-judicial protection, human rights, free competition, state aid, public procurement, copyright etc.



The MA in the European Union Law combines academic knowledge with the requisite of practical experience and familiarity with the major issues of the European Union legal order. Graduates can be employed in the private and public sectors where EU law knowledge is required, as well as in a variety of professions (such as public school teachers, business executives, lawyers, public officials, judges, etc.) where knowledge of the European Union law is considered necessary.


The Open University of Cyprus (OUC), through its participation in the European project "Liaison Offices with the Labour Market", offers to students of all its programmes of study, the optional and free of charge Thematic Unit (i.e. Module) entitled "Industry Placement". This module provides students opportunities for a placement to gain professional experience in their particular field of study, and the hosting institution can be any public or private organisation operating in the Republic of Cyprus.

Each student has the right to participate in this offering once or twice during his / her studies, provided that s/he meets the required conditions.

Request more information by contacting the OUC Liaison Office here.


European Credit Units - ECTS: 120

Teaching Language: Greek

Level of Studies: Postgraduate

Title to be Awarded: Magister Artium (MA)



The minimum requirement for admission to a postgraduate programme is an undergraduate degree from an accredited Higher Education Institution.

It is also advisable that candidates possess the following:

  • Very good English language skills
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access)



The total cost of the fees for this postgraduate program is 5,400 Euro. 

The tuition fees for each module are 675€. 



Applications can be submitted exclusively online:

Αιτήσεις Αγγ χωρίς ημερομηνίσ

 Application dates for the fall semester of the academic year 2023-2024: March 14 - June 22, 2023.


For the successful completion of the Master programme in European Union Law, students must successfully undertake:

eight (8) modules each lasting six months,

six (6) compulsory modules of research, theoretical and practical nature and

two (2) out of four (4) elective modules chosen from a list of 2 academic directions (European Competition Law and European Business Law).

Students, under the supervision of their instructors, are required to submit two (2) written assignments per module. After successful completion of the assignments, they are entitled to take part in the final written examinations.

1st Year of Studies

Compulsory Modules:

Period 1

                        DEE111: European Institutional Law
                        DEE112: Internal Market Law

Period 2

                        DEE121: Judicial protection in the EU
                        DEE122: Human Rights Protection

2nd Year of Studies

Compulsory Modules:

Period 1

                      DEE211: Environmental Protection Law
                      DEE212: Consumer Protection Law

Elective modules:

Period 2  

 European Competition Law

 European Business Law

 DEE221: State Aid Law
 DEE222: Cartels, Abuse of Dominant Position, Mergers    

 DEE225: Public Procurement Law          
 DEE226: Intellectual Property Law


Academic Personnel

Chrysthia Papacleovoulou, Lecturer, DEE226, Module coordinator,

Alexandros Tsadiras, Associate Professor, Academic Coordinator, DEE121, Module coordinator,, 0035722411887

Adjunct Faculty (Tutors)

Ανοικτό Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου - Open University of Cyprus has 4 registered members
Ρωξάνη Φράγκου (Roxani Fragkou)
ΔΕΕ122: Προστασία Ανθρωπίνων Δικαιωμάτων
Module Coordinator
Παναγιώτης Αγησιλάου (Panayiotis Agisilaou)
ΔΕΕ221: Δίκαιο Kρατικών Eνισχύσεων
Module Coordinator
Αναστασία Καρατζιά (Anastasia Karatzia)
ΔΕΕ222: Συμπράξεις, Kαταχρήσεις, Δεσπόζουσας Θέσης και Συγκεντρώσεις
Module Coordinator
Έλσα Αδαμαντίδου (Elsa Adamantidou)
ΔΕΕ225: Δίκαιο Δημοσίων Συμβάσεων
Module Coordinator



For additional information, please contact Ms. Yianna Charalampous (