Laboratory of Educational Material and Methodology


The Laboratory of Educational Material & Methodology (LEMM) visions to contribute to the distance learning student experience enhancement. Using cutting-edge technology tools and following the principles of modern and result-driven educational methodologies, it promotes and ensures the high quality of educational material and the achievement of education and academic excellence. 


The Laboratory’s mission focuses on the continuous monitoring, development, assessment and update of the educational material and the educational methodology of Open University of Cyprus (OUC), in alignment with the University’s vision.

In collaboration with other OUC units and services, LEMM’s mission is to contribute to the University’s work to provide high-quality material according to the needs of the modern student.

Main Responsibilities

Research and Development

  • Research and identification of best practices in terms of open and distance education
  • OUC educational needs detection
  • Research and identification of innovation and technologies for the enhancement of student experience
  • AR/VR/Games/IoT
  • Elearning authoring tools
  • Multimedia – Videos etc.

Design and Development

  • Selection, development and application of innovative and cutting edge technology
  • Selection and customization of best practices according to the needs of OUC
  • Process, application and development of existing and new educational material
  • Development of educational material templates
  • Support of applications and educational material created by LEMM

Guidance and Support

  • Informing academic staff about trends and best practices
  • Guiding academic staff regarding the implementation of the educational methodology of OUC
  • Guiding and supporting the academic staff regarding designing educational material topics
  • Guiding academic staff regarding topics of new educational software creation

Quality Assurance

  • Ensuring the implementation of OUC educational methodology
  • Monitoring and assessment of the educational material that is modified and/or developed by LEMM
  • Managing, monitoring and coordinating the development process

Networking and Dissemination

  • Attendance and/or participation in conferences, seminars or other activities related to LEMM’s work
  • Promotion of collaboration with other universities and partners
  • Presentations of LEMM’s portfolio
  • Update and management of LEMM’s webpage

Εργαστ Εκπαιδ Υλικ εικόνα eng

LEMM uses a variety of tools that focus on:

  • Tools eLearning course creation (i.e. Articulate 360 suite)
  • Use of Augmented/Virtual Reality and Gamification (i.e. Unity 3D, Vuforia, Google Cardboard, Moodle plugins)
  • Presentation of Digital content (i.e. PPT, Prezi, Keynote, Vyond)
  • Audio and Visual editing (i.e Adobe Photoshop - Premiere, Audacity)
  • Student Assessment – Learning Analytics (i.e. Google/Microsoft Forms)