Erasmus+ Incoming Staff for Teaching Assignments


The action supports teaching or research staff of partner universities that wish to visit Open University of Cyprus for teaching and additionally to enhance networking with the OUC academic community.



  • The Member States of the European Union,
  • Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, Republic of North Macedonia, and Serbia.



Academic and Research Staff from partner Universities that participate in the Erasmus+ programme.


Open University of Cyprus may also invite foreign teaching staff, prominent speakers, experts and technocrats for a short Teaching programme at OUC. In this case, the invited guest lecturers will receive an Erasmus+ grant by OUC, covering their travel and subsistence expenses for their mobility in Cyprus, according to the OUC Erasmus+ regulations. The responsible Academic Coordinator should invite the teaching staff and reach an agreement on the Teaching programme. Afterwards, the invited lecturer should submit an application to the OUC Mobility Office at before the respective deadline.


People with disabilities:

People with disabilities include people whose physical or health status makes it difficult to participate in an Erasmus+ mobility activity without additional support. European Commission and Open University of Cyprus encourage the participation of staff with disabilities in all activities of the Erasmus+ programme. Incoming staff should check with their home university for the provision of additional funding.



Universities operating in a country that participates in the Erasmus+ programme. A valid Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreement between OUC and the partner university is mandatory for teaching assignments.



 It is preferable to inform the OUC Mobility Office of a teaching/research staff’s intention to visit OUC for teaching at least two months prior to their teaching period.


Interested staff should:


  • Decide the Teaching Programme they wish to undertake at OUC that lays into their research interests and discuss this with the competent OUC Academic Coordinator.
  • Apply for Erasmus+ grant at their home institution in accordance with relevant procedures and deadlines.
  • Once the beneficiary confirms that s/he has secured grant for teaching at the Open University of Cyprus, s/he should contact the OUC Mobility Office ( and the Academic Coordinator of the relevant OUC study programme to finalize the proposed teaching programme and time period of its implementation.
  • The OUC Mobility Office will send the beneficiary a confirmation email, as invitation for teaching at OUC.



 Upon completion of mobility for teaching, Open University of Cyprus provides academic staff or researchers with a Certificate of Teaching that needs to be submitted at their home University.



Minimum period of two (2) working days and at least eight (8) teaching hours.

As of the 2018-2019 academic year, academics may participate at both the STA and STT (Staff Training) mobility actions, combining teaching and training. In this case, the mandatory teaching hours can be less than 8 hours per week.





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