Erasmus+ Incoming Student Mobility for Studies


The action supports students of partner universities that wish to visit Open University of Cyprus for studies.


  • The Member States of the European Union,
  • Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, Republic of North Macedonia, and Serbia.


  • Bachelor degree students
  • Master degree students
  • PhD candidates


Students with disabilities:

People with disabilities include people whose physical or health status makes it difficult to participate in an Erasmus+ mobility activity without additional support. European Commission and Open University of Cyprus encourage the participation of students with disabilities in all activities of the Erasmus+ programme. Incoming students should check with their home university for the provision of additional funding.



Prerequisite for an SMS mobility is a valid Inter-Institutional Agreement between the student’s home University and OUC.


The minimum period of mobility is three (3) months and the maximum is twelve (12) months, per cycle of study.


Interested incoming students should:

  1. Select the OUC programme of study that they are interested in attending, along with the specific Thematic Units offered by OUC, and discuss their selection of courses with the Academic Coordinator of their home University.

OUC offers the following Master degrees in English: 

Please note that OUC may also welcome students to any of its Greek-taught programmes, if the Academic Coordinator of the programme is willing to offer students the opportunity to study one or more courses in English and provide English bibliography, assignments and final examinations written in English etc.

  1. Apply for an Erasmus+ grant at their home institution in accordance with relevant procedures and deadlines.
  2. The home institution’s Mobility Office should send the nomination of the student at OUC Mobility Office.
  3. The beneficiary should complete the online application form for incoming students mobility available HERE
  4. Once the OUC’s Academic Coordinator of the chosen programme of study approved the incoming student’s application, the beneficiary will be informed to prepare the ‘Learning Agreement’, a document provided by the home University. The Learning Agreement is signed by the student and the coordinator of the home University, and is emailed to the OUC Mobility Office (
  5. Incoming students nominated by their home University should also submit the relevant/documents/forms requested by the OUC Mobility Office, in order to proceed with the mobility:
    • Foreign Language Certificates
    • Copy of ID card/passport
    • Recent Transcript of Records

After receiving all necessary documents, the OUC Mobility Office will send a confirmation email to the student, along with the signed ‘Learning Agreement’, thus finalising the procedure of his/her acceptance at OUC.

Please note the following:

  • OUC’s teaching language is Greek but some of its programmes of study are offered in English. Moreover, Thematic Units offered in Greek may be offered in English as well, as long as this is noted in the Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreement between the home and host universities and the student has a valid English Language Certificate.
  • OUC may change or cancel the Thematic Units to be offered in English due to unforeseen circumstances.


Applications deadlines as far as OUC is concerned:

  • For the Fall Semester or for the whole academic year: Incoming students should receive their nominations and apply to OUC by the 3rd week of August at the latest.
  • For the Spring Semester: Incoming students should receive their nominations and apply to OUC by the 3rd week of November at the latest (of the previous academic year).




Open University of Cyprus is a dedicated open and distance learning University. Its educational technology, in combination with modern teaching and learning methods supported by multi-format educational materials, respond to the diverse needs of its students, allowing them to study wherever and whenever they wish, using any digital platform. Accordingly, OUC’s distance education and blended learning methodology differs from conventional universities. The University’s main educational tool is the eLearning Platform – eClass – that facilitates online teaching and learning through the establishment of virtual classrooms, supports lecture capture, live and video on demand lectures and tutorials, and integrates real-time and asynchronous collaboration tools.

Students use eClass to:

  • access their course materials,
  • organise their study calendars,
  • communicate with their tutors and fellow students,
  • submit their formative assignments and coursework, and
  • receive feedback on their progress.


Academic calendar:
Incoming students may take examinations three times throughout the academic year: in December (Winter Semester Thematic Units), in May (Annual and Spring Semester Thematic Units) and in June (to repeat the examination of both the Winter and the Spring Semester Modules).


Grading system at the Open University of Cyprus:

ECTS credits are awarded to students successfully completing all the required course examinations. The grading system goes from 0 to 10. Grades are rounded to the nearest half unit and 5 is the passing grade.

Local Grade

ECTS Grade


Excellent with distinction




Very good






Passing mark




For each course the number of credits is multiplied by the value of the ordinal grade received in order to obtain the Grade Points: (N. ECTS) x (Numerical value of the ordinal grade) = Grade Points

In order to calculate the Semester Grade Point Average it is necessary to divide the sum of grade points by the sum of the semester credits: (Sum of Grade Points)/(Sum of Semester Credits) = Semester Grade Point Average.



Incoming students should ensure to have their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), issued free of charge by national health insurance providers to each EU citizen. To receive an EHIC you have to contact the healthcare authorities in your country of residence, as it is a right of each EU citizen. A copy of such document should be sent to the OUC Mobility Office.

The EHIC allows EU citizens to receive all medically necessary state-provided health treatments (namely doctor’s visits, prescription medication, dental care, etc), in every country of the EU as well as in Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein, with the same healthcare benefits as the citizens of these countries. If you are not an EU citizen but have a residence permit for an EU country, you can use the EHIC only for other EU countries (therefore Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland are excluded).



Open University of Cyprus does not offer accommodation. However, it is not difficult to secure accommodation, at reasonable prices, according to your preferences and budget. Students may contact the University’s Mobility Office at  and the staff will help them find accommodation in a convenient private apartment, city hotels or student halls of residence in other universities located in Nicosia.



Any citizen of an EU member state and citizens of the European Economic Area, may visit Cyprus by only presenting their identity card (ID). Citizens from other countries (besides the above mentioned), may travel to Cyprus with a visa.

For more information, please check:


Students arriving at OUC should visit the OUC Mobility Office to arrange practical issues prior to stating their studies at OUC. They will meet with the Academic Coordinator of the study programme they have chosen and receive information for the programme, the expected learning outcomes, the proposed bibliography for the chosen Thematic Units, the use of eClass, the timetable for written assignments, the examination programme etc.

Public transport in Cyprus is managed by Cyprus Public Transport company, since public transportation in Cyprus is covered by bus only. It is possible to find urban routes, timetables and fares on the official website ( Routes are also available through the Pame App.



Upon completion of mobility for studies, Open University of Cyprus provides students with all the necessary documents (Transcript of Records, Learning Agreement and Certificate of Participation). Those documents should submit at home University.




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