The Infotester4Education project recruits students for its Disinformation Detection Team!

We believe in a world where truth matters. This is why we are creating an “infovaccine” against disinformation on the Web. In the context of the the Infotester4Education project, we will offer an exclusive online course to build a society resilient to disinformation. The course will use AI to give feedback to students. We will train the AI to detect disinformation.


But - we need your help! First, we must create a dataset of articles, which are judged as being either credible, or not. Joining the team presents a unique opportunity for students to receive state-of-the-art disinformation debunking training, as well as access to the dataset and tools that will be developed. 

Benefits for students selected to participate in the Disinformation Detection Team:

  1. You will receive training from debunking experts (June 4-5th, 2024, online).
  2. You will receive a certificate documenting your credentials of debunking skills.
  3. You will collaborate with experts across Europe to hunt for disinformation.
  4. All participating students will be acknowledged in the team's online reports.


There is also the possibility, for those interested, to develop a thesis project for their program of study, which is related to the Infotester project. (Please contact us to discuss this option.)

Recruitment Criteria:

  1. Good Web skills.
  2. Ability to critically evaluate Web content in English.
  3. Ability to allocate a certain amount of time to evaluating Web articles.


The OUC team participating in the project is the Cyprus Center for Algorithmic Transparency.

For more information on this opportunity, please contact the latest by June 3, 2024, the Coordinator of the OUC Disinformation Detection Team, Maria Kasinidou (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).