The Open University of Cyprus and two of its professors among the top Universities and scientists based on the 2023 rankings

The Open University of Cyprus (OUC) has secured the 2nd national position and ranks 462nd and 790th worldwide in the domains of Social Sciences & Humanities and Computer Science, respectively, according to the latest (10th edition) rankings OUC Professors Michalinos Zembylas, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management, and Yannis Manolopoulos, Dean of the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, are also ranked as top scientists nationally in the abovementioned fields respectively.

More specifically, Professor Zembylas whose research expertise spans curriculum and pedagogy, social justice pedagogies, intercultural and peace education, and human rights education, clinches the 1st national spot and holds the 502nd worldwide position with a d-index of 68 in the Social Sciences and Humanities area. Professor Manolopoulos, focusing his research on data management, secures the 1st national rank and is placed 2004th globally in the field of Computer Science, boasting a d-index of 64.  

Expressing his congratulations, Professor Petros Pashiardis, Rector of the Open University of Cyprus, commends the outstanding recognition bestowed upon the two academics for their exceptional research contributions, duly acknowledged by their peers. He also highlights the University's immense pride in the national and global standings achieved in Social Sciences & Humanities and Computer Science, pledging a commitment to further elevate these accomplishments. The ranking compilation, published by for 2023, draws on bibliometric analyses and data from various reputable sources, including OpenAlex and CrossRef.


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