Multiplier Event: The Kanakaria Mosaics Repatriation game and the Pact4Skills Project Results (31/01/2024)

Digital transformation impacts the cultural sector as any other domain. The Open University of Cyprus (OUC) addresses the challenges and opportunities of digital education and connects with international partners to coordinate the Pact4Skills research project entitled “Tackling the challenges of the European Education Area by building resilient, inclusive and forward-looking training to upskill HED students to face the transformations in digital culture with new e-skills, intercultural and entrepreneurial competences”. The project responds to the demand and labor market needs of the cultural sector, identifies a new generation of culture-driven products, and aspires to develop educational offerings to training workforces and upskill university graduates. The project’s Multiplier Event on January 31, 2024 focuses on The Kanakaria Mosaics Repatriation game, and the Pact4Skills Results.

The Event will be held onsite at the Byzantine Museum in Nicosia, i.e. the premises of the Archbishop Makarios III Foundation and its Collections, Holy Archdiocese of Cyprus (Archbishop Makarios Square, 1016 Nicosia), and will also be broadcasted live via Zoom:


Register to attend with physical presence or online:

OUC academic staff and researchers with expertise in Cultural Policy and Development (Associate Professor Georgios Papaioannou, Academic Coordinator, and Dr Dorothea Papathanasiou, OUC adjunct lecturer) lead the Pact4skills project with the following partners: Cergy Paris Université (France), Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University (Georgia), Stichting for Education on Agility Liberating Structures (The Netherlands), Comunità Montana Alto Basento (Italy) and Artifactory (Greece).

More on the Pact4Skills project:



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