Call for Papers | International Conference #AMIRetreat2023: “Digital Platforms and Democracy: Journalism and Political Communication in a World of Polycrisis”

The Advanced Media Institute, the Postgraduate Programme “Communication and New Journalism”of the Open University of Cyprus, the School of Law of the University of Nicosia, the Media Studies Program of the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, the Department of Digital Media and Communication of the Ionian University, and the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies of the Cyprus University of Technology are co-organising the International Conference #AMIRetreat2023 entitled “Digital Platforms and Democracy: Journalism and Political Communication in a World of Polycrisis”.

The Conference will be held in November 3-5, 2023, in Athens, Greece.

#AMIRetreat2023 is addressed to members of the academic community from the fields of media studies, journalism, political science, and law, which aim to discuss and advance ideas on how public discourse and journalism evolve in the digital society, the creative avenues they find, the challenges they face and the opportunities that lie ahead. The Conference also seeks to build bridges between academia and the profession and between the media actors and experts of their regulation.

 The Scientific Committee of #AMIRetreat2023 invites potential speakers to submit their abstracts by April, 30th, 2023 based on the relevant Call for Papers (CFP), which is published here.

The conference themes speak to the past, present and future, as a reflection of the role of media and journalism in the 21st century. #AMIRetreat2023 invites theoretical, methodological, and empirical submissions that address the following themes, in an effort to spark meaningful conversations and probe multiple perspectives about the challenges facing democracy today. The discussions during the Conference will help set a stepping-stone for both academics and professional journalists, as well as the communication professionals to reflect on the ideal types of journalism practice and public speech in the current digital media environment as we continue to encounter challenges to and transformations of our digital media landscapes.

The main thematic areas of the Call for Papers are the following:

  • Key Dynamics in the Digital Media Landscape
  • Content Creators and the Creator Economy
  • Digital Journalism and Democracy in Context
  • Digital Journalism Models in Practice
  • Political Communication in the Digital Media Era
  • Challenges of Online Political Discourse
  • Imagining a Better World in Digital Spaces



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