Public lecture: “How a growth mindset enhances leadership quality” by Dr Barbara Hanfstingl (28/09/2022)

The Open University of Cyprus, the New Postgraduate programme “Educational Leadership and Policy” and the Postgraduate Programme "Educational Sciences" have the honor to host Dr Barbara Hanfstingl, Associate Professor for Personality Psychology and Educational Psychology at the University of Klagenfurt. Dr Hanfstingl will be visiting OUC in the context of the Erasmus+ Mobility Programme for a short Teaching Assignment. One of her lectures entitled “How a growth mindset enhances leadership quality” will be public, and of interest to students and graduates of educational sciences, researchers, practicioners, primary and secondary teachers, as well as university professors in related fields. The lecture, which is co-organised on September 28, 2022 at 18:30 (GMT+3) with the support of the Cyprus Educational Administration Society, will be broadcasted live through the OUC eLearning platform through this web link:


In recent years, a movement initiated by motivational psychologist Carol Dweck has reached applied research in psychology, education, and leadership. The movement focuses on promoting a growth-oriented mindset in educational and other social contexts. A growth-oriented mindset is to be understood holistically and is characterized by the attitude that abilities are variable and that effort and training lead to higher competencies and better learning outcomes. Despite a large body of research indicating that a growth mindset has a positive impact on the quality of educational outcomes, there is still little evidence on how to promote a growth mindset in the context of leadership situations. This presentation will review the theoretical embedding and indicators of a growth mindset, provide insights into materials for teachers to promote a growth mindset in students and review research related to growth mindset and leadership. Finally, future directions will be discussed.

Short bio

Barbara Hanfstingl has completed her studies of psychology at the Universities of Vienna and Klagenfurt, and works as an Associate Professor for Personality Psychology and Educational Psychology at the University of Klagenfurt. Her research focuses on self-regulation, motivation, and action control and their relation to resilience. Her special interest is directed at epistemological problems of psychology and social sciences. Her current projects address resilience and development of resilience, cross-cultural school development and teacher professionalization in India and Austria, Lesson Study and Learning Study research, and psychology of science.


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