Detailed tasks of the Marketing Department - Ανοικτό Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου - Open University of Cyprus

Detailed tasks of the Marketing Department

Design and implementation of a communication and promotion plan of the Programmes of Study on an annual and continuous basis

  • Detection of the target audience per Programme of Study
  • Mapping of potential interested parties catalogues according to the Programme of Study for use in the bulk emails of promotion material (eg professional guidance bodies, schools, companies, hospitals, professional associations and institutions, scientific organisations, etc.) Continuous search of websites and registration of OUC programmes in them, without financial costs where possible
  • Continuous monitoring and assessment of websites and social networking sites where it is possible to promote OUC and its programmes and evaluation of the possibility to integrate in a targeted online promotion campaign
  • Continuous monitoring of the OUC website analytical statistics (Google Analytics) as well as that of the system of admission applications to identify opportunities and threats that may occur and take action (eg exit points from the system and the website, average time in the system, average page views by the user etc.) 

Planning, organizing and implementing necessary actions for the University to participate in educational exhibitions, workshops, tours, etc. for the promotion of programmes, both in Cyprus and abroad.

  • Coordination of participation actions in the Educational exhibitions and preparation of the procedures that will make the participation more remarkable, more economical, planned and without surprises
  • Study of planned exhibitions and promotional activities, evaluation and preparation of a proposal accompanied by relevant documentation and budget for the proposed actions, ensuring approval, commitment of funds
  • Implementation of the relevant correspondence with collaborating bodies, completion of required forms, organisation of required tenders, coordination with the competent Units for the preparation of relevant information material
  • Coordination with associates for the preparation of exhibitions, advertising material, promotional gifts, deliverables control, etc.
  • Preparation of an exhibition staffing plan, securing required approvals, fund commitments and carrying out all relevant required procedures
  • Implementation of a system for the assessment of attendance at exhibitions, workshops and promotional activities, with the ultimate goal to select the most efficient and effective actions and to improve continuously

Competition Analysis

  • Monitoring of tuition fees, new programmes, promotion points, campaigns, expenses, etc.