The Professional Services of the University contribute to the effective operation of the Institution. They are in charge of carrying out all the supporting procedures both for the members of the University community and for any other interested parties. In essence, they strengthen the educational and research work of OUC and, in general, provide to the increase of the social and cultural contribution of the University. The main priority of the administrative staff is the essential assistance in the academic and other functions of the University and the provision of high-quality administrative services.

OUC Professional Services:

The Directorate of Administration and Finance supports the Director of Administration and Finance of the Open University in daily matters and offers assistance in general administrative and financial matters to facilitate all regarding issues.

The Administrative Services of the Open University of Cyprus constitutes the executive body that ensures all necessary material and technical infrastructure, support of the University community and implementation of the decisions of the Council and the Senate.

The Services are headed by the Director of Administration and Finance, Mr. Christoforos Christodoulidis, who is the audit officer of the Budget, has the main responsibility for the implementation of the University development programmes and exercises administrative supervision, coordination and control of the Administrative Services, effectively and in accordance with the established institutional framework.

Message from the Director

"As the Director of Administration and Finance, my main responsibility is the organisational structure of the Open University and the definition of the Administrative Services duties. The main purpose is their smooth operation and the key issue is maximum productivity, proper planning and organisation.

My goals are:

  • The development of a productive work environment and the promotion of exemplary working conditions.
  • The promotion of a flexible and meritocratic system for the selection of administrative staff, with the main goal to offer incentives and maximise productivity for the smooth and efficient operation of the University.
  • Continuous training and education of the administrative staff, through educational programmes, for the improvement of the quality of the provided services.
  • Immediate and complete service inside and outside the University community and the provision of high-quality services".

Accounting Unit

The Accounting Unit was established in May 2006 at the time that OUC officially began operating. This Unit has the main responsibility for effective financial management and control of the University resources, preparation and monitoring of the University Budget implementation, financial management of the students, Personnel payroll, processing of income and expenditures and accounting management of self-funded and research programmes. At this stage, the Accounting Unit consists of five offices:

Budget and Planning Office

Performs the preparation and implementation of the University budget and also future financial planning.

Payroll and Pensions Office

Performs the preparation and execution of payroll for academics, administrative staff and tutors.

Expenditure, Revenue and Accounts Office

Undertakes the processing of expenditure, collection and preparation of financial statements. In addition, this office controls the financial management of students as well as the administration of printed educational material.

Office of Accounting Management of Research Programmes 

Undertakes the accounting and financial management of internal and external research programmes of the University.

Office of Accounting Management of Self-Funded Programmes

Performs the accounting management of income and expenses related to OUC’s the self-funded programmes.

The Financial Management Service includes the following units / sectors:

Accounting Unit

The Accounting Unit holds the major responsibility for the effective financial management and control of the University resources, preparation and monitoring of the University Budget implementation, financial management of the students, Personnel payroll, processing of income and expenditures and accounting management of self-funded and research programmes. At this stage, the Accounting unit consists of five offices.

Analyses and Costing Section

The Analyses and Costing Section undertakes studies, regarding predictions of operating volumes and sensitivity analyses, as well as other special projects, to support decision-making.


The Human Resources Services addresses issues related to university staffing, labour relations, the benefits of academic and administrative staff, evaluation, and staff development and training. With the right selection, promotion, evaluation and development of its staff, it aims at creating constructive cooperation and fostering anthropocentric culture.



Personnel Office

The goal of the Personnel Office is to ensure the implementation of legal procedures for the evaluation and selection of candidates to be employed. The main tasks of the Office concern, inter alia, the following:

  • Preparation of issues regarding future needs in Human Resources
  • Preparation of Planning Services and Calls for Academic, Administrative and other staff
  • Establishment and coordination of Committees (Electoral Bodies, Advisory Committees)
  • Implementation and coordination of the staffing process and adherence to schedules
  • Execution of contracts for Academic, Administrative and other staff (eg Tutors, Postgraduate Associates, Research Associates, students, etc.

Personnel Training & Development Office

Recently, the Open University of Cyprus has invested in its Human Resources, particularly emphasizing on providing incentives through training and development of its staff.

The Personnel Training & Development Office aims at the systematic, but also continuous upgrading of the skills and abilities of its human resources.

The main objectives of the Office are the following:

  • Identifying educational needs of the staff
  • Preparation of the annual staff training plan
  • Compliance of staff training process
  • Organisation of in-service training programmes
  • Providing staff with support and guidance on training issues
  • Coordination of the process regarding performance appraisal

Benefits & Labour Relations Office

The Benefits and Labour Relations Office handles issues related to the benefits and provisions of the Academic, Administrative and other staff of the Open University of Cyprus, while at the same time it deals with issues related to labour relations:

The Office acts on the basis of the Laws, Rules, Regulations, Circulars and decisions of the relevant Bodies governing these various benefits and ensures, inter alia, compliance of the following:

  • Sabbatical leave
  • Unpaid leaves
  • Compensation for overtime during time off
  • Absence leaves (sickness, rest, motherhood, education, paternity, parental leave, army, etc.)
  • Employment termination
  • Keeping attendances

In addition, the Office takes care of:

  • Keeping and updating the personal files of the staff
  • Monitoring staff regarding issues of appointment, promotion, prospects, etc.
  • Medical Care Management
  • Electronic observance and control of leave register (illness, absence, motherhood, parental leave, educational, Sabbatical, etc.)
  • Issuance of Personnel Certificates
  • Labour relations issues (practices for improving the working environment, offering incentives to staff, etc.)

The Analyses and Costing Section offers the following services:

  • Carries out studies regarding predictions of operating volumes, sensitivity analysis exercises to support management decisions, as well as undertaking other special projects and analyses.

Information Technology Services

The aim of the Information Technology Services is to become a center of excellence in providing innovative high-tech systems for the design and contribution of the University programmes of study in the modern age of electronic and digital technology.
The mission of the Service is focused on the continuous monitoring, evaluation and integration of new technologies at the University, as well as on the development of technology infrastructures. In particular, the Unit has a main responsibility for:

  • the strategic planning of Information Communication Technologies Projects in connection with the University development programme,
  • the design, implementation and management of all electronic infrastructure and systems,
  • the technical support of teaching and administrative staff, students and associates of the University and
  • the infrastructure implementation of the Centre for Educational Resources and Methodology.

The structure of the Service includes five interdependent Sectors:

  • E-Learning and Digital Content Management Sector
  • Core Applications Sector
  • Central Systems Sector
  • Network and Security Sector
  • IT Helpdesk Office

All sectors are implementing technoeconomic studies regarding the design and implementation of new IT projects. In this context, they contribute to the assessment of needs, the preparation of technical specifications and tender conditions, the evaluation of tenders and the receipt / acceptance of deliverables. In addition, all Sectors are involved in providing IT consulting services to the University community.

Services Offered

Core Applications Sector

It has the main responsibility for the implementation, technical support and management of the University Central Applications.

Services provided by the Sector include:

  • technical support and management of the central applications concerning the financial and administrative management systems of the University
  • technical support and management of the central applications concerning the student data management system of the University
  • support for the users of the financial and administrative management and the student data management systems of the University
  • study, design and implementation of future central applications of the University
  • development of standards and policies


Network and Security Sector

It has the overall responsibility for designing, developing, expanding and managing network and security infrastructure and telecommunications. The Sector handles the design of structured wiring in all University buildings, the interconnection of buildings through leased lines and regional networks, and the University broadband internet connection. The goal is to create a network of integrated services that support high quality telephone, data and image communications.

Services provided by the Sector include:

  • monitoring the smooth operation and performance of the University network and security infrastructure.
  • tackling any security incidents, by, for example, checking the integrity of the system and recovery processes after a breach
  • provision of technical support and counselling services on security issues to all members of the University community
  • introduction of new technologies at the University

Central Systems Sector 

The Central System Sector ensures the smooth operation of the University central systems.

Services provided by the Sector include:

  • the management (design, development, implementation, maintenance) of computer infrastructure (disk arrays, servers, virtual infrastructure, backups) of the university
  • monitoring the smooth operation and performance of the Central Infrastructure (Data Centers) of the University


IT Helpsdesk Office

The ΙΤ Helpdesk Office ensures the smooth operation of the University IT infrastructure.

Services provided by the Office include:

  • the provision of IT support to the university community
  • management (design, development, implementation, maintenance) of the telephone list and e-mail services


E-Learning and Digital Content Management Sector

It has the main responsibility of supporting the educational process through continuously developing and running the University e-Learning and Library systems. Services provided by the Sector include:

  • the development, operation and support of the e-Learning Platform eClass and the services it offers (Synchronous Online Education, Asynchronous Online Education, Video Platform, Possible Plagiarism Control Service)
  • the development, support and management of the Library information systems, such as the Library Management System and the Kypseli Digital Repository
  • the development, support and management of the OUC Central Website as well as other content management systems and websites
  • training of all academic and teaching members, students, administrative staff and other groups or individuals with courses, presentations and manuals that are being prepared, as well as their immediate support via email and telephone
  • exploring new needs and requirements and incorporating new technologies that will help the educational process.

The Information Communication Technologies Unit & Library is a key administrative entity of the Open University of Cyprus.

It combines two significant, distinct Departments of the University, the Information Communication Technologies Unit and the Library, which offer additional services concerning the Distance Educational Process, ensuring, in general, the operation of all the University online services.

The vision of the Service is to constantly offer excellent services to the university community through high-quality collective work. Our vision includes lifelong learning promotion for the student community.

The aim of the Service is to properly inform prospective students, current students and the entire University community about issues related to studies and in general to academic work, as well as the career of the students.


The services provided by the Students and Programmes of Study Support Service are the following:

The following Offices are part of the Academic Affairs and Student Welfare Services:


The Secretary is responsible for:

    administrative and secretarial support of the University Governing Bodies:

  • Senate
  • Council
  • Rector’s Council

and Council Committees.

  • carrying out the electoral procedures required by the Open University of Cyprus Laws
  • creation and storing of administrative files for a number of issues of the University.

Central Archive

The Central Archive is responsible for the University's archive, paper and electronic.

Detailed tasks of the Marketing Department

Design and implementation of a communication and promotion plan of the Programmes of Study on an annual and continuous basis

  • Detection of the target audience per Programme of Study
  • Mapping of potential interested parties catalogues according to the Programme of Study for use in the bulk emails of promotion material (eg professional guidance bodies, schools, companies, hospitals, professional associations and institutions, scientific organisations, etc.) Continuous search of websites and registration of OUC programmes in them, without financial costs where possible
  • Continuous monitoring and assessment of websites and social networking sites where it is possible to promote OUC and its programmes and evaluation of the possibility to integrate in a targeted online promotion campaign
  • Continuous monitoring of the OUC website analytical statistics (Google Analytics) as well as that of the system of admission applications to identify opportunities and threats that may occur and take action (eg exit points from the system and the website, average time in the system, average page views by the user etc.) 

Planning, organizing and implementing necessary actions for the University to participate in educational exhibitions, workshops, tours, etc. for the promotion of programmes, both in Cyprus and abroad.

  • Coordination of participation actions in the Educational exhibitions and preparation of the procedures that will make the participation more remarkable, more economical, planned and without surprises
  • Study of planned exhibitions and promotional activities, evaluation and preparation of a proposal accompanied by relevant documentation and budget for the proposed actions, ensuring approval, commitment of funds
  • Implementation of the relevant correspondence with collaborating bodies, completion of required forms, organisation of required tenders, coordination with the competent Units for the preparation of relevant information material
  • Coordination with associates for the preparation of exhibitions, advertising material, promotional gifts, deliverables control, etc.
  • Preparation of an exhibition staffing plan, securing required approvals, fund commitments and carrying out all relevant required procedures
  • Implementation of a system for the assessment of attendance at exhibitions, workshops and promotional activities, with the ultimate goal to select the most efficient and effective actions and to improve continuously

Competition Analysis

  • Monitoring of tuition fees, new programmes, promotion points, campaigns, expenses, etc.

The Rectorate is responsible for matters related to international and national collaborations, the University’s Strategic Plan and Communication Strategy, and issues that relate to quality assurance.

Development and Communication Unit

  • Supporting the monitoring of the implementation of the Strategic Plan of the Open University of Cyprus.
  • Drafting, updating, and monitoring the implementation of the University’s ad hoc action plans that related to OUC’s Integrated Communication Strategy.
  • Operation of the University’s Press Office, management and promotion of OUC’s public image.
  • Collaboration with University’s Authorities, Faculties, Programmes of Study, Administrative Units and Committees for the preparation of OUC’s the annual and periodic publications.
  • Communication with students, staff and members of the public through the University’s social media channels.
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International Relations Unit

  • Organizing, coordinating and supporting actions related to the University’s international relations based on its international strategy and strategic plan.
  • Collaborations with universities, research centers and other institutions in Cyprus and abroad, and monitoring the progress of the implementation of the established MoUs.
  • Coordinating the participation of the Open University of Cyprus in the Erasmus+ Mobility Programme and other international educational exchange programmes.
  • Coordinating and promoting the work of OUC in domestic and international university networks and organisations.


Quality Assurance Unit

  • Internal and external quality assessment and quality assurance mechanisms at institutional, faculty and programmatic levels.
  • Monitoring the implementation of long-term strategic and annual operational plans to ensure quality of process and results.
  • Supporting the cooperation of the OUC with national and international bodies dealing with quality assessment and assurance issues.
  • Ensuring the harmonisation of the quality assurance procedures of the OUC with the principles and guidelines of the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (CYQAA).

Coordinating officer Ms. E. I. Sarri:

OUC Mobility Office:

OUC Press Office:


Marketing Department

The Marketing Department deals with the following:

  • Design and implementation of the promotion planning of the OUC Programmes of Studies on an annual and continuous basis
  • Planning, organization and implementation of actions for the participation of OUC in educational exhibitions and other conferences and informative meetings for the promotion of the Programmes of Studies in Cyprus and abroad
  • Market research and other relevant studies on competition and target markets of the Programmes of Studies, which contributes to promotion planning and actions

Detailed tasks of the Marketing Department


Administrative Support Office (Ushers)

The Administrative Support Office has the responsibility to manage the correspondence, as well as general office duties, warehouse management and provide other support to the Building Infrastructure and Security Office.


Building Infrastructure and Security Office

The main responsibility of the Building Infrastructure and Security Office
is to ensure the smooth operation of the University building infrastructure and to manage occupational safety and health issues.

Specifically, it deals with:

  • The preventive control and maintenance of electrical installations and equipment, as well as the maintenance and repair of damages to structural elements of the University facilities
  • The organisation and management of the AEE system, fire safety teams and emergencies
  • The supervision and organisation of cleaning issues and guarding of the building facilities of the University
  • The management of furniture and relocation issues
  • The support of special projects related to energy and environmental issues.


Procurement Office

The Procurement Office is responsible for the following:

  • Carrying out the University's public procurement tender competitions (preparing and assisting in the writing of tender documents, the announcement of tender calls, participation and/or assistance in tender evaluation)
  • Tender contracts and administrative support during the implementation of contracts
  • Administrative support to the Tender Board
  • Managing purchase requests and framework agreements
  • Continuous updating/training of public procurement for the personnel (in terms of laws, internal regulations, best practices, internal procedures)
  • Maintaining relevant records and registries

Research, innovation and Liaison Services

Basic and applied research at OUC is carried out in scientific fields of direct interest to the University and its faculty members. The Research, Innovation and Liaison Services provides administrative support and management with the' University's research projects. It also supports Faculty in identifying external funding sources and assists with proposals and the requisite application procedures. At the same time, it provides administrative support for research programmes funded by the University's budget. The objectives of the Research Services focus on three main areas: information and networking; support and training; and dissemination of research results.

The main responsibilities of Research, innovation and Liaison Services are:

  • To inform the academic community of new programmes, deadlines and funding for possible proposal preparation and submission.
  • To provide administrative support to the academic community for research proposal preparation and submission, as well as the implementation phase of a project
  • To supervise, in collaboration with the Research Committee and the University Community, the dissemination of research results and research publications.
  • To provide administrative support to the Research Committee of the University

Laboratory of Educational Material and Methodology


The Laboratory of Educational Material & Methodology (LEMM) visions to contribute to the distance learning student experience enhancement. Using cutting-edge technology tools and following the principles of modern and result-driven educational methodologies, it promotes and ensures the high quality of educational material and the achievement of education and academic excellence. 


The Laboratory’s mission focuses on the continuous monitoring, development, assessment and update of the educational material and the educational methodology of Open University of Cyprus (OUC), in alignment with the University’s vision.

In collaboration with other OUC units and services, LEMM’s mission is to contribute to the University’s work to provide high-quality material according to the needs of the modern student.

Main Responsibilities

Research and Development

  • Research and identification of best practices in terms of open and distance education
  • OUC educational needs detection
  • Research and identification of innovation and technologies for the enhancement of student experience
  • AR/VR/Games/IoT
  • Elearning authoring tools
  • Multimedia – Videos etc.

Design and Development

  • Selection, development and application of innovative and cutting edge technology
  • Selection and customization of best practices according to the needs of OUC
  • Process, application and development of existing and new educational material
  • Development of educational material templates
  • Support of applications and educational material created by LEMM

Guidance and Support

  • Informing academic staff about trends and best practices
  • Guiding academic staff regarding the implementation of the educational methodology of OUC
  • Guiding and supporting the academic staff regarding designing educational material topics
  • Guiding academic staff regarding topics of new educational software creation

Quality Assurance

  • Ensuring the implementation of OUC educational methodology
  • Monitoring and assessment of the educational material that is modified and/or developed by LEMM
  • Managing, monitoring and coordinating the development process

Networking and Dissemination

  • Attendance and/or participation in conferences, seminars or other activities related to LEMM’s work
  • Promotion of collaboration with other universities and partners
  • Presentations of LEMM’s portfolio
  • Update and management of LEMM’s webpage

Εργαστ Εκπαιδ Υλικ εικόνα eng

LEMM uses a variety of tools that focus on:

  • Tools eLearning course creation (i.e. Articulate 360 suite)
  • Use of Augmented/Virtual Reality and Gamification (i.e. Unity 3D, Vuforia, Google Cardboard, Moodle plugins)
  • Presentation of Digital content (i.e. PPT, Prezi, Keynote, Vyond)
  • Audio and Visual editing (i.e Adobe Photoshop - Premiere, Audacity)
  • Student Assessment – Learning Analytics (i.e. Google/Microsoft Forms)