To acquire a Master's degree, students must choose one of the following programme structures:

  • Option A: follow the course of studies and successfully pass examinations in three Modules and complete a Master thesis.
  • Option B: follow the course of studies and successfully pass examinations in four Modules.

Students, under the supervision and guidance of their professors, are required to complete (3) written assignments in each Module and after having achieved the necessary grade are entitled to take the final exams. Application for the Master thesis may be submitted after completion of the second (2nd) Module. The thesis may be submitted immediately after completion of the third (3rd) Module and no later than one academic year. 

Students can follow one out of five academic concentrations to ensure the academic cohesion of their Programme: 

  • Educational Leadership and Policy
  • Social Justice Education
  • Special Education
  • Continuing Education
  • Educational Technology and Communication

In a separate section of this site, you will find a description of the Modules for every academic concentration.  A student may choose up to two (2) Modules per academic year. The choice of two Modules is equivalent to full-time study, while one Module is considered part-time. The University academic year begins in early September and ends in May/June with the final written exams.

Thematic Units:

EPA 50: Child Development in the Social Environment
EPA 51: Applied Educational Research
EPA 60: Cultural Differences and Social Inequalities
EPA 62: Educational Administration
EPA 64K: Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning
EPA65: Open and Distance Education
EPA66K: Vocational Education and Training
EPA70K: Educational Policy and Curriculum Development
EPA71K: Change Management, School Effectiveness and Strategic Planning
EPA75K: Programme and Personnel Evaluation in Education
EPA76Κ: Education for Social Justice, Human Rights and Citizenship
EPA77Κ: Special Education Ι: Contemporary theories for children with special needs
EPA78Κ: Special Education ΙΙ: Pedagogical practices for children with special needs
EPA79Κ: Principles of Educational Technology