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The programme POLICE STUDIES is intended for the members of the Cyprus Police and is exclusively addressed to the graduates of the Cyprus Police Academy.

In a fast-evolving era with rising needs for modern security conditions and protection for the citizen, this two-year programme aims to offer to Cyprus Police members, new knowledge, skills and practices within a European framework, that will complete, expand and update accordingly the already acquired knowledge during their studies at the Cyprus Police Academy.

To complete the Programme and obtain a Degree in Police Studies, the students must complete twelve (12) Semester Modules (in total 120 ECTS) at the Open University of Cyprus.


European Credit Units - ECTS: 120

Teaching Language: Greek

Level of Studies: Undergraduate

Title to be Awarded: Bachelor (BSc)



A necessary condition for admission to the Programme is the successful completion and obtaining of a Diploma from the Cyprus Police Academy, as well as a very good understanding and knowledge of the English language, needed for studying international bibliography.


The total cost of the undergraduate programme is 2880 Euro. The administrative cost of each Module is 240 Euro. The cost of Dissertation (in case the student elects this module) is 480 Euro.


Applications can be submitted only electronically, via the OUC website at

The Modules of the Police Studies programme are divided into compulsory and elective. For the selection of some electives, the successful completion of other modules is required. Students initially attend 8 compulsory modules (8x10 ECTS). Upon completion of the compulsory ones, students can choose either a programme including attendance only of the modules (4 electives X 10 ECTS) or a combination of 2 electives (10 ECTS each) and preparation of a dissertation (equivalent to 2 modules or 20 ECTS).

Κωδικός  Τίτλος Compulsory/Elective
ASP311 Εισαγωγή στην Ψυχολογία  Compulsory
ASP312 Εισαγωγή στην Κοινωνιολογία Compulsory
ASP313  Εισαγωγή στην Εγκληματολογία Compulsory
ASP314  Η Ιστορία της Κυπριακής Δημοκρατίας Elective
ASP315  Ποινική Δικαιοσύνη Compulsory
ASP325  Αστυνομία και Αστυνόμευση στην Κύπρο Compulsory
ASP411  Αστυνομική και Νομική Ψυχολογία* Compulsory
ASP412  Συνταγματικό Δίκαιο και Δίκαιο της Ευρωπαϊκής  Ένωσης Compulsory
ASP413  Οικονομικά Εγκλήματα Elective
ASP414  Αστυνομία και Κυβερνοέγκλημα Elective
ASP415  Αστυνόμευση / Δίκαιο και Πολιτιστική Κληρονομιά Elective
ASP421  Ερευνητικές Μέθοδοι και Αστυνομικές Σπουδές  Compulsory
ASP422  Αστυνομία και Συστήματα Αστυνόμευσης: Μια Συγκριτική Προσέγγιση Elective
ASP423  Αστυνομική Εκπαίδευση Elective
ASP700  Πτυχιακή Διπλωματική Εργασία** Elective

* "To attend the specific module, attendance of ASP311 must be completed successfully or attended simultaneously. "

** "To attend the specific module, attendance of ASP421 must be completed successfully or attended simultaneously. Indicative Programme of Studies

For the completion of the Programme and obtaining of the Degree, successful attendance in 8 compulsory and in 4 out of 6 electives and/or successful completion of the thesis is required.

Academic Personnel

Chrysthia Papacleovoulou, Lecturer, Academic, 0035722411886


Adjunct Faculty (Tutors) - Fall Semester

Name E-mail Modules Coordinator
Athanasia Kleanthous-Kapakidou        ASP312     Module coordinator
Andreas Karyos ASP314 Module coordinator
Militsa Nikiforou ASP411 Module coordinator
Ioannis Tzivaras ASP412 Module coordinator
Anastasios Papathanasiou            ASP413           Module coordinator      
Nikolaos Sklavos ASP414 Module coordinator
Markianos Kokkinos ASP421 Module coordinator

For additional information, please contact Ms. Maria Ioannidou, 00357-22411950