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The principal objective of the postgraduate programme in Greek Linguistics and Literature is to capitalise on theoretical insights from contemporary linguistics and literary theory in the study of Greek literature, with special emphasis on its classical period but also on diachronic developments and didactics.


The postgraduate programme in Greek Linguistics and Literature is unique in that it integrates linguistics and literary studies. More specifically, the programme:

-deploys analytical tools from formal linguistics, text linguistics, sociolinguistics and discourse analysis in the study of literature

-has a strong interdisciplinary dimension which combines literary, cultural, sociological/anthropological and linguistic approaches

-provides skills for effective teaching

-provides the theoretical apparatus necessary for interdisciplinary approaches

-hones complex research skills necessary for doctoral studies


European Credit Units - ECTS: 120

Teaching Language: Greek

Level of Studies: Postgraduate

Title to be Awarded: Magister Artium (MA)



The minimum requirement for admission to a postgraduate programme is an undergraduate degree from an accredited Higher Education Institution.

Please note that a good command of English, sufficient for academic study, is required.


The total cost of the fees for this postgraduate programme is 5,400 Euro. 

The tuition fees for each module are 1,350€. The tuition fees for the Master’s Thesis are also 1,350€.


Applications can be submitted exclusively online, via the OUC website at


The requirements for obtaining the Master's degree are the following:

successful completion of four (4) Modules


successful completion of three (3) Modules and a Master thesis (EGL701).

Students can choose one or two Modules per academic year. Modules begin in early October and end in June with the final written examination.

The programme starts off with two (2) compulsory Modules: EGL50 - Greek Language and Linguistics and EGL51 - Theoretical Approaches to Ancient Greek Literature. After successful completion of these two Modules, students are required to choose:

(A) one of the following elective Modules and a Master thesis 

  • EGL60 - Translation and Didactics
  • EGL61 - Generic Transformations
  • TSP60 - Reception of Ancient Drama


(B) two of the above elective Modules

EGL50, Greek Language and Linguistics, 30 ects

EGL51, Theoretical Approaches to Ancient Greek Literature, 30 ects 

EGL60, Translation and Didactics, 30 ects

EGL61, Generic Transformations, 30 ects

TSP60, Reception of Ancient Drama, 30 ects

EGL701, Master Thesis, 30 ects


Academic Personnel

Stavroula Tsiplakou, Associate Professor, EGL50, Module Coordinator,, 00357-22411922 


Adjunct Faculty (Tutors)

Name E-mail Modules Coordinator
Zacharoula Petraki EGL51 Module coordinator
Panagiotis Seranis        EGL60      Academic Coordinator & Module Coordinator    
Filippos Pappas EGL61 Module coordinator

Christofi Charoula, Temporary Office Assistant,, 0035722411743