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The systematic investigation of aspects of the ancient Greek culture, with the use of new image, sound and augmented reality technologies, as well as the creative use of interdisciplinary, open and familiar learning environments that bring students in contact with modern ways of teaching and learning through theatre, modules and the combination of the two, digital drama and theatre and create a new reality that respects and highlights both the humanities with pedagogical values, the technological ones with the artistic parameters of education.


The graduates of the programme will become familiar with the values ​​of the ancient Greek culture, the educational role that the theatre plays in education and the concept of "digital drama". They may be employed in cultural centres of municipalities, local government cultural organisations, theatres and theatrical organisations, private companies organising cultural events and spectacles, public and private education.

In the latter case, for current teachers, the acquisition of this postgraduate degree will act in addition to a specialisation in the application of technology in education, which will allow credit points allocation and will multiply the potential for rapid development in the hierarchy of their sector. If they are unemployed, the chances of finding a job in the field of their basic degree will be strengthened, since the deepening in specific fields and the acquisition, knowledge and skills in them, will function positively for each future candidacy in an available job.

The Programme is evaluated and certified by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education.




LEVEL: Postgraduate

DEGREE AWARDED: Magister Artium (MA)



The minimum requirement for admission to the programme is an undergraduate degree from an accredited Higher Education Institution  in specialisations related to those included in the programme, i.e. to be:

  • Graduates of Philology and Foreign Languages ​​Departments
  • Primary and secondary school teachers (philologists, teachers, kindergarten teachers, theatrologists)
  • Graduates of the OUC Programme "Studies in Hellenic Culture"
  • Graduates of Pedagogical Departments
  • Graduates of Informatics Departments
  • Graduates of the Departments of Social and Related Sciences
  • Graduates of Media Departments
  • Graduates of the Departments of Cultural Studies
  • Actors and artists of the theatre with a university degree.

It is desirable that students have very good knowledge of the English language, since some parts of the Programme's complementary educational material is in English.

Adequate knowledge of computers (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), and Internet, in order to be able to meet the educational requirements of distance learning.



The tuition fees for this programme amount to 5,400 Euro. The tuition fees per module are 900 Euro. 



Applications can be submitted exclusively online, via the OUC website at

Programme Structure

The combination and juxtaposition of elements derived from independent individual scientific fields, which come together and form a hybrid composition, which is offered for the first time as a complete interdisciplinary and integrative master's programme has:

  • Content: the multiple facets and parameters of the ancient Greek culture
  • Method: the various techniques and codes of drama and theatre in education
  • Medium: the possibilities offered by Information and Communication Technologies in Education
  • Agency: the modern version of digital Drama and Theatre

In order to complete the programme and obtain a postgraduate degree in "Digital Drama and Theatre in the Study of the Ancient Greek Culture", successful attendance and examination in four (4) semester modules and in addition the completion of a Master Thesis are required.

Digital Drama and Theatre in the study of Ancient Greek Culture
Modules Semester Required / Elective Prerequisite Modules Corequisite Modules  Work Load
Hours ECTS
Common for all Specializations 
ΨΗΔ511                        Ancient Greek Civilization and Theatre                                  1 Required     375-450 15
ΨΗΔ512  Modern Trends and Applications of Digital Technologies in Education    1 Required   ΨΗΔ511 375-450 15
ΨΗΔ521                                     Theatre in Education: Artistic Expression and Pedagogy     2 Required ΨΗΔ511   375-450 15
ΨΗΔ701Α                                                                          Master Thesis I      2 Required ΨΗΔ511 ΨΗΔ521 375-450 15
ΨΗΔ611                                                         Digital Drama and Theatre in Education 3 Required ΨΗΔ511   375-450 15
ΨΗΔ701Β                                                                   Master Thesis II            3 Required   ΨΗΔ701Α 375-450 15
  Total 2250-2700 90


ΨΗΔ511: Ancient Greek Civilization and Theatre, 15 ects                               

ΨΗΔ512: Modern Trends and Applications of Digital Technologies in Education, 15 ects          

ΨΗΔ521: Theatre in Education: Artistic Expression and Pedagogy, 15 ects

ΨΗΔ611: Digital Drama and Theatre in Education, 15 ects

ΨΗΔ701Α: Master Thesis I, 15 ects         

ΨΗΔ701Β: Master Thesis II, 15 ects

Adjunct Faculty (Tutors)

Theodoros Grammatas, Academic Coordinator,

For additional information, please contact Ms. Christofi Charoula,, 0035722411743