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Open University of Cyprus offers undergraduate and postgraduate (Master & PhD) programmes based on distance education methodology, supported by the very latest technology applications and a variety of eLearning tools, aiming to offer knowledge and skills of high academic standards, and provide every student with a first-class, inspiring learning experience.

Through its distance learning academic programmes, lifelong learning opportunities, extensive research, international reach and collaborations, as well as social activities, Open University of Cyprus is a modern and vibrant learning community enabling students to advance or change their professional or personal direction.

OUC’s philosophy is simple:there is no “one size fits all” approach to higher education. Open University of Cyprus places students at the heart of education, and embraces innovative approaches in a motivating learning environment, to develop their skills, nurture their interests and expand their horizons, whilst upholding high academic standards. Thanks to the high quality programmes offered by its three Faculties - Humanities and Social Sciences, Pure and Applied Sciences, Economics and Management - OUC a) provides cutting-edge knowledge and employment-ready skills of high calibre, b) stimulates personalised, active learning, supported by quality teaching from highly experienced and trained academic staff using multi-format methods and supporting material, and c) leads students to become specialists in their chosen field, regardless of their age, time availability, residence or life circumstances, and fulfil their personal or professional aspirations.

OUC has no borders. More than 62% of its student community is located outside Cyprus. Moreover, OUC fosters strong and mutually beneficial partnerships with Universities and research centers both in Cyprus and abroad, aiming to achieve long-term cooperation in educational and research programmes, joint and/or double degrees, and to promote the mobility of its students and staff. Through the excellent work of researchers and staff who are at the forefront in their fields, Open University of Cyprus is reinforcing its position as a quality research institution, with awarded European and local research projects, national and international research teams and steadily increasing external research funding.