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The OUC MBA – Develop your knowledge – Expand your potential



The Master of Business Administration (MBA) of the Open University of Cyprus is designed to prepare and support professionals working in the private or public sector by providing specialised knowledge and practical training, to improve skills in managing organisations and effectively addressing the new realities and challenges of today's global markets. This is achieved through the interplay of theory and practice, with learning supported through a combination of management theory, cutting-edge research, exercises, and applied examples. Our thematic modules though cover different areas, are connected in meaningful ways, allowing you to cross-pollinate ideas and apply tools from across the wider MBA experience.

Specifically, as MBA students you will be able to:

  • Build on and enhance your understanding of the nature of management, organisation and business;
  • Advance your career through the provision of knowledge, improvement of skills, and development of connections;
  • Master knowledge and skills in a flexible and self-reliant way;
  • Increase your understanding of the business environment;
  • Develop your analytical, decision-making and communication competencies;
  • Undertake research-based approaches to address business challenges; and
  • Develop your capacity to think critically and communicate effectively and creatively.



  • It offers the possibility of acquiring current knowledge and skills related to organisation and management of businesses and organisations in a flexible way. At your own place and pace.
  • It helps advance your career through the provision of academic and personal skills needed to make a positive contribution to a challenging working environment, whatever sector that may be in.
  • It contributes to the creation of executives who combine a detailed and complex way of thinking for effective planning and implementation of business goals.
  • It helps improve the ability to formulate a business strategy for the development and implementation of innovative solutions in companies and organisations.


  • For the opportunity to study in a European public University, offering exclusive open and distance education.
  • For its distance learning, affordable, high-quality study, which meet the needs of the business world, upskill graduates and enable students to fulfil their personal and professional aspirations.
  • For its flexibility, which allows students to fit their studies around personal and professional commitments.
  • For its integrated, state-of-the-art, and user-friendly eLearning Platform, which supports real-time and asynchronous tutor-students interaction, combined with the multi-format educational material used, all of which allow a seamless learning experience.
  • For the academic support and study guidance provided by experienced and influential teaching staff (faculty and adjunct tutors), making effective use of OUC’s synchronous and asynchronous communication tools, online lectures and tutorials.
  • For the opportunity to interact with fellow students, peers and academics located anywhere in the world through university forums and the social community.



The Open University of Cyprus (OUC), through its participation in the European project "Liaison Offices with the Labour Market", offers to students of all its programmes of study, the optional and free of charge thematic module entitled "Industry Placement". This module provides students opportunities for a placement to gain professional experience in their particular field of study, and the hosting institution can be any public or private organisation operating in the Republic of Cyprus. Each student has the right to participate in this offering once or twice during his / her studies, provided that s/he meets the required conditions. More information about this feature can be obtained from the OUC Liaison Office here. We also offer careers information, advice, and guidance to all students whilst studying with us.

As graduates of The OUC MBA programme you can:

  • Secure employment in many and diversified areas in business administration as advisors, consultants or managers.
  • Advance your career and secure a higher-level managerial post within your current employment or professional area.
  • Set up your own business, become self-employed, change career direction either into a related professional area or into a new sector/profession.



TEACHING LANGUAGE: The MBA programme is offered both in English and in Greek.

LEVEL: Masters




A bachelor degree in any subject from an accredited university. Work experience will be considered as useful.

All candidates need to demonstrate that they meet the University’s English language requirements by submitting the relevant certificates along with their application (minimum grade IELTS 5.5 or any other equivalent). Details of the specific English language requirements can be found here.

Adequate knowledge of computer use. In addition, a computer/tablet with an internet connection, headphones and microphone.


Tuition fees are set for the degree programme and are fixed for the duration of your studies. You can choose to pay in full at the start of your programme or pay per thematic module you register. The tuition fees for each 24 ECTS module is €1,080 and for 12 ECTS modules (e.g., MBA701A and MBA701B) the cost is €540 per module. The total cost of The OUC MBA programme is €5,400.

A five percent (5%) discount is available to all students who pay the cost of their chosen modules in full within the advanced payment period. In addition, particular discounts and scholarships are available from the University to eligible students. More information relating to the tuition and fees policy of the University can be obtained here.



Applications can be submitted exclusively online:

Αιτήσεις Αγγ χωρίς ημερομηνίσ

 Application dates for the next Academic year (2023-2024) will be announced.